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Hello, I have been asked to design a wireless-based voice/data network for 20 users on site and 10 users for home. 10 users will exploit VPN. That's only the specification I got. Nothing else :( I have an idea for design with WAN -> ISP router -> Firewall router -> DMZ -> application firewall router -> switches -> wireless access points. I could place the FTP, WebServer, Squid(cache) in DMZ. The VOIP server, Active Directory, DNS, & DHCP will be inside(internalnetwork/ LAN). I need to write a document with detailed design. * Will the above design enough? How do I ensure QOS for VOIP? What sort of hardware and protocol. * Do I need additional hardware for VPN? I prefer IPSEC for VPN. * I need to ensure QOS on WLAN. In theory I know only 802.11e so what type of hardware? * What type of firewall with minimum delay on VOIP traffic? Hope someone could help me soon.... Thanks in advance.

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Well, this is the whole point of the design project. Don’t forget to keep up with the subnetting as you go.

You should research each piece of equipment you want to use, as this project is designed to test your equipment knowledge and reasoning behind your use of the equipment, all devices have strengths and weaknesses. Your selection of device is dependent on what it is designed for, and whether it fits into the schema.

I am willing to give pointers to individual problems, but if I do the work for you, you will find it much harder to do it in a work environment.

When I was doing my CCNA I found it more productive to bounce ideas of other students. You will get a bonus doing it this way as you learn to work within a group of peers, and your individual weaknesses will be strengthened. You will learn from each other.

Good luck, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I made loads, but, thankfully, not as many in the work place where the hard course work paid off.

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  • Chippy088
    Document everything as you go. In it, say why you chose each piece of equipment, detail it's tasks and controls. Show diagrams of links between equipment. Physical and network links. You have a lot of work to do, and it would take us a lot more time to explain it, than your tutor could. It is course work, isn't it?
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  • winexpert
    Thanks for replying . Yes. it is a coursework. Was my design correct ? Do i need a DMZ? Because i should ensure QOS. Further more, Which one i choose for WLAN a , b or g ? Bcoz VOIP traffic is thr.
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  • Arielaa
    If you want some more information for the converged network , check out 3GC group. I think they can probably help. GOOD LUCK!
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