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Hi, apologies if this is not the correct place to ask but does anyone know a forum where I can link an image of a network design that I am working on for university? I need to know if I'm on the right track before I go into too much detail. Thanks in advance.

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If you need a place where to save you pictures there are many and many sites that allow you to do that, hereafer some:
– ImageShack
– AlterVista
– Google Pages
etc etc

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  • JennyMack
    Hi there, Welcome to IT Knowledge Exchange! This is definitely a good place to ask that type of question; we have network professionals who should be able to help you. Just be as specific as possible -- the more specific you can be, the better the community can help you. Feel free to link to the image right here in the discussion, as well as post any other information about the network you think might be useful for interpretation. Thanks, Jenny Community Manager
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  • Denny Cherry
    Upload it anywhere, fileshack, tweetpic, etc and just post the link here and we'll all take a look and make sure you are going in the correct direction.
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  • Duncanc
    Hi guys, Thanks for your responses, I have uploaded an image from packet tracer where I have started to design the network. Logical topology A brief summary - I have to design a network for a business that is made up up of one large site with two offsite locations making use of ACL's in the end. As the departments have to be secure I have designed my VLSM subnet scheme as shown here. Addressing Scheme My main problem is that I cannot get the domains to communicate, end devices in the same subnet ping each other successfully but packets do not pass the routers even with the default gateways set. The routers are powered on and ports are open. Is using the routers in this way the correct approach? I have assigned the routers the IP addresses shown in the addressing scheme in row titled WAN. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance.
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  • CRagsdale32
    as far as your topology goes, I'm not sure why you'd have a server attached to the hubs, in this manner. IE one per lan segment. IMO servers should be centralized and kept as clustered in a server farm all on one switched segment and not passed through a hub. Also, if you're using hubs, which i understand the idea behind, you are cuttijng yourself short on your ability to customize traffic on the network and leaving much of teh overall network wide open for things like broadcast storms etc. you should consider setting up VLANs through layer 2 switches instead, besides the one 200 host segment everything else can be done with Cisco 24port switches even if you have to add on a 6 or 8 port card to expand the capacity a little. These are just a couple of my thoughts.
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  • mshen
    I agree with the server farm implemenation. If fact, a layer 3 core switch will be able to route traffic using VLANs; therefore, eliminating the need for 1831 routers. Logical separation using VLANs would reduce your hardware requirements and network complexity.
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  • BlankReg
    Hi Duncan, You said in the original post that the main problem was that none of the subnets could communicate with the other subnets. What routing are you using ? As this is a design using Cisco, you probably need to use EIGRP (but remember to do the 'no auto-summary' command so it passes the VLSM information), or OSPF, to propogate all the subnet information. As the other commentors have said. The design in reality can be cleaned up a lot, by using L3 switches, and centralising the servers, probably in their own VLAN/Subnet. If there is a single L3 switch for the main office, then the routing is taken care of by the fact that all the subnets are connected to the same device (the default gateway for each VLAN will be the VLAN interface on the L3 switch). Then the only routes are for the Internet, and for the Factory networks. As Jenny said, this IS the place to ask this type of question, so if you have any more, then post them and we will all try to help. Regards, Iain
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