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Hi, I have a task to make a proposal on designing a network for 3 different companies sharing the same building floor with seprate file and print server. The network will be on base of 1Gb/s Ethernet and Wi-Fi. What is the best solution for bring those companies into one network share and keep their security settings as separate?

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the use of VLANS is the best. using VLANs, since different vlans can’t communicate to each other, security is not a problem unless you will specify or permit some users to jump or communicate with other vlans.

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  • Brunosworld
    Are those three companies related? Can they live within the same domain? How many users? Are you just trying to secure what printers they can print to and what file shares they see? are there three separate IT guys/Depts?
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  • Mustang71
    I have collected more info on that. There will be one rack installation with 3 different File&Print servers with absolutely separate security settings and domain names. Initially there will be 30-40 users. There will be one single IT Admin to administer the 3 networks. So what is the best solution for the kind of picture? Thanx
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  • OwenAmbrose
    Get one ADSL connection with 3 static external IP addresses. Put a router behind your ADSL connection which will allow you to take 3 separate connections off the ADSL. Put in 3 rack mounted switches and put one of the static IP's from the router into each switch Make each server a Domain Controller, a DHCP server, and a DNS server and connect one server into each switch. Connect all the computers on each domain into the relevant switch
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  • Sheikshahidh
    But we using router all vlan are communicateable. that time what we do?
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  • Mustang71
    My LAN in the same building will be located on 2 and 3rd floors. They will have the same IP subnet with single gateway for internet connection. How to connect 2 and 3rd floors into LAN? My undertsanding is to connect them via switch in the comms room. Any other ideas or that will be ok? Thanx
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  • Aanaggar
    you may think of using ACL list to separate each vlan. if you will use the same media for connecting all 3 companies(cabling and switches).
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