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How do I create a network design for a large business? The following is the scenario and the requirements, I need so help please. An Ice Cream Factory with 5 stores, citywide and has connectivity to the corporate office in Austin. Each store is responsible for maintaining its inventory locally, but must communicate with the warehouse on a weekly basis to keep inventory current and stocked. Each store has a Manager?s office, Administrative Assistant?s office, and an employee lounge/conference room. The only wireless capability in each store is for the customers? convenience while they are visiting the ice cream shop. The creamery factory and warehouse is located in Round Rock, a small town near Austin. Each week, all employees are required to attend a videoconference at the local stores on Monday afternoon. This is a national chain that spans the continental US. The country is divided into regions; Northeast, Southeast, Central, Northwest, and Southwest. Your potential network is located in the Central area of the country and must have connectivity to the other regions. The Regional Office is located in Brenham, the home of the original factory. Customers worldwide are allowed to place orders for ice cream over the Internet. All online orders are processed through the Regional Offices. Design a network for implementation. You will need to decide what type of WAN connection will be best for your network. Also, you will be responsible for the purchase of All Equipment And Cabling for all of the locations of the network. You will need to design the Network Topology, physical and logical; determine all of the network and computing equipment, cabling, data transmission method, type of network, and any other items required to design the best possible network for your client.

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I cannot help you with a systen design. However, my company does equipment financing and leasing thoughout the US. If you or your client is interested, please email me and I will send you more information.

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  • Bobkberg
    Frankly, this sounds more like a school assignment, than a real network. And, as an aside, the business described would qualify as small to medium small, if that. General Motors is a large business! The requirements border on fantasy from the point of view of effective ROI. The section below the dashed line was written first - but after re-reading the requirements to get a grasp on them, I'm more convinced than ever that this is either a school assignment, or a business looking for deep trouble. First off - for any serious IT effort for a nationwide company, you NEVER leave any regional design up to an individual region. There is way too much at stake to allow individual design decisions to dictate overall structure. Each region/division will have input into the process, and they may have to make modifications based on what services are available in their area (Cable, DSL, T-1, Frame Relay, etc.), but the overall architecture must be driven from above or mis-assumptions on the part of individual groups will break something sooner or later. On top of that, the database structure and how each office/site/plant interacts with it needs to be specified as well. I've pointed out what I can, but the overall requirements show gross inconsistencies in planning and specification, and need serious review at a national level before individual implementation plans to meet those specs can be started. -------------------------------------------------------- That said however, the primary consideration is the video conferencing - question is, does it have to be live 2-way feed? Or would a download and replay be adequate. From a cash perspective, the latter seems more likely. Almost everything else would easily fit within that envelope. Figure on cable modem or DSL for each branch office/location. If they're offering wifi, then you'll need a firewall/router with 3 ethernet interfaces (Linksys, cisco pix, Sonic Wall, etc.), since sharing the local site network with random customers is grossly insecure. Each office would have a VPN connection tunnelled back to corporate, so there's going to be a larger firewall at the corporate end - and probably T-1 or fractional T-3, or bandwidth aggregated through multiple gateways - although that would call for multiple or more specialized VPN connectivity (Bigger Cisco Pix, Nortel Contivity, Sonic Wall, etc.) Probably an Active Directory structure with Domain Controllers in each office. If constant connectivity is mandatory, then you might want to have dial-up backup, or run both cable and DSL at each location. As for customers placing orders over the Internet, you haven't specified if these orders are store specific or what. Bob
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  • Timallard
    Small business systems, including those primarily oriented towards bookeeping have online services so remote users can access current inventory, make journal entries, orders ... most common reports and tasks. Using http, the physical connection nowadays would be dsl at minimum, t1 is usually worth the slight difference in price. What you do at each network node is optional, whether you want wireless or wired is optional, most people like wireless offices now and wireless is great as long as you pay attention to data security and monitor network requests to catch listeners. And, it seems this company is being nudged into the big time so would benefit from a secure and scalable solution that costs more up front and more in HR, but, the payoff is in spades when you get volume and the wienie system that was cheap can't process the load and there's no easy upgrade path ... or, you lose your customers' data to a drive-by listener. Planning always pays off ...
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  • MrWizard
    You're right, bokberg. An obvious school assignment. ITgirl84, do your own homework.
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  • NonProfitGuy
    That's a great question to use on a Network+ Certification exam, which is probably where it came from.
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