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I am having a strange problem now that I have the win2k Adv Server setup with Active Directory. The online RPG I use seems to experience some type of network connection issue with the internet servers while I am logged in as a user on the domain. However, when I log in locally as admin, the RPG functions as expected. ipconfig/all and tracert's to the server by FQN are identical under both logins. under properties for TCPIP on both client and server, I have static IP, 4ea. hardcoded DNS, DNS suffix is blank (I am a bit ignorant of this area however) in researching on the RPG's site for the error experienced, they refer to using a /24 subnet (which I have)I have also added 3 of the four above listed DNS with FQN and IP into the DNS service on the win2k AS for Forarding(which had no effect) also, here is a snip from a previous /displaydns: home-15.(name of my win2k Adv Ser) --- Negative cache entry for no records lastly, when running the program NetQ-Check while logged in as a domain user, it gives an error resulting from prevented communications (unable to initialize, The TCP connection attempt timed out, etc) any ideas? need any additional info/tests/results needed for an understanding? any help would be greatly appreciated, especially since this is such a subtle problem. thanks

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sounds like a permission issue
do you users have permission to use the RPG client? Logging in locally to the machines doesn’t hand out permissions compared to logging into the domain, locally you have full control of the machine, logging in as a user may change that depending on your setup…

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  • Ceyarrecks
    Thank you for your responce :) clients do have permissions, the program launches, is able to authenticate in, however, when making selection for which game server to use, this is where the hang up occurs, which returns the RPG client to its server select screen. since the NetQ-Check program also seems to have a comm problem when logged into the domain, is there some esoteric setting or service that only is operable during domain client login and not local logins?
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  • PeterMac
    Still likely to be simply a permissions issue, the fact that your domain logins have permission to run the RPG does not give them the same permissions as local admin running the RPG. Easiest way to check is put your domain logins into the "local admin" group on the server, this should give them the same permissions as the local admin login.
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  • Ceyarrecks
    on any of the systems which run this RPG, each has it's user acct added to the administrators group on the server, yet I am still only able to run the RPG past its server select screen by either logging in locally as admin, or running as different user (admin) perhaps there is a detail I am missing, perhaps taken for granted that I might know,.. what am I missing here? Thanks again for the help :)
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