netstat -s for TCP Statistics for IPv4?

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Hello All, i trying to figure out TCP Statistics for IPv4 especially Failed Connection Attempts . I would like to understand what value would indicate high as threshold?. Also i would like to know if appearing of errors of such kind indicate issue at remote host or local, and what could cause such errors ,network bandwidth or lack of IO etc.. Thanks

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windows 2003

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Connection failed means the client attempted a TCP handshake with another host and the 3-way handshake was either not completed (SYN – SYN/ACK – ACK) or a RST was sent indicating that the service was not listening on that port. This is a normal part of TCP operation and is likely not creating any performance issues. What other problems are you seeing on the network?

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  • Tbaror
    The reason i am asking about Failed Connection Attempts . trying to identify issue i got with 2003 STD servers. those servers working with agent that transfer files to remote storage , issue appearing each 3~4 days one of the servers 5 of them report fail transfer for almost 1~2 min. *on the servers itself there is no event that indicate link loos or what ever for those events i wrote a script that trying each 1 sec check if path file exist on remote storage , in case of more than 100ms delay its start fping to see if there is network delay ,and results form fping are saying everything its ok 0.5 ~.0.8 replay. since i run the script on those servers i have correlated agent events to script and got about 10 sec and more for file path checking in the same time. now when i am doing netstat -es on the servers i get 0 Discards and 0 Errors and only place i get errors is at TCP Statistics for IPv4 Failed Connection Attempts = 5064 my question is that indicate that the issue exist on the other counterpart (storage) IO or bandwidth related issue?. Thanks
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  • Troy Tate
    I would install Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 and capture traffic during these events. You can analyze it in Network Monitor or use Wireshark to gain additional insight into what is going on. TCP handshakes & RSTs might contribute to some performance issues, but I don't think the number you mention is excessive when you consider how many packets are actually in a transaction. Are you using large pings (>= 1000bytes)? See if the packet size matters on the network. Maybe there's a device with bad MTU settings. Also check duplex / speed settings along the path. These should always be hard-set for servers to switch interfaces.
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  • Bbb
    i thinks its problem ocour, by load on your server
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