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I am using a Netgear FVS318 router through Verizon DSL. Everthing is working fine on the network, however, I am trying to setup VPN access. I am using the Netgear VPN client on my laptop. When I get the router configured and the policy loaded on my laptop, I use a dial-up connection through my univeristy to test it. It works fine. I then will go on campus and access the wireless network, then connect the VPN and it works fine. I then have one of my users try to connect from home. She is using Verizon DSL through a Linux PC firewall. She gets the internal IP address (192.168.x.x) but then it times out. I tried to access the VPN through various other networks, (i.e. friends, neighbors, cruising neighborhoods) and it does not work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Couple of things to look at…
Are there any logs on the linux system indicating what, if anything the firewall is dropping?

If that doesn’t offer anything, then I’d use a sniffer (ethereal is the right price)to see what the differences are between inside and outside traffic.

You might also see if there’s a configuration option for IPSec over UDP/TCP to see if that makes a difference.

Also see if there are any “keep-alives”, or if something may not be getting correctly translated by the linux firewall.

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  • Ciscocat6k
    This actually sounds like the FW is stopping the connection. If you are able to connect from some areas but not others, it would seem that your configuration is correct but the areas where you are not making a connection are not allowing the proper protocols/ports through for the connection to be made. Look to see if you can tunnel on port 80 for a connection. This typically works for me on Cisco and Checkpoint VPN connections as most FW's allow anything out on port 80. cheers, CatMan
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  • Bobhockey
    Do you know if there routers have pptp or ipsec passthrough enabled. I can VPN into my office and other customers after I set up my d-link router to allow PPTP OR IPSEC passthrough.
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  • Freejack
    Two things. One, if your IP range is the same as her local range the VPN traffic may not route properly. Two, the linux firewall may be blocking the VPN connection. Try having her connect from outside the firewall. Verify that NAT is passing traffic correctly with a sniffer. Also check the firewall logs to see if there are drops of the AH or ESP protocols.
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