Needs to change a WSCST to print larger fonts

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Hi, We have an I5 V5R4M0 and a lot of outqueues set up for printing and some of the printers, regardless the writer brand prints really small fonts no matter if it is portrait or landscape I have tried a lot and now I am trying to figure out how to change a WSCST (*hp4) to print with larger fonts. Is there anyway of changing just so that the font get larger with changing a WSCST? I really really would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks MONJAK

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You can retrieve the source of a *WSCST using the RTVWSCST command. It is then possible to edit the WSCST source and recreate it using the CRTWSCST command. The editing of the WSCST is not easy to explain – it’s something I’ve managed to do before by trial and error. I haven’t seen any good resources on the internet explaining this either.

Make sure you take a backup copy of your existing *WSCST before you start.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Monjak
    Hi Martin, Really thanks for your quick answer. My problem is that I seam to be unable to figure out what values to change to get the right response from the writer. With help from others questions I found a page for the settings in HEX / ASCII but when changing values in the WSCST (I am not sure if I chosen the right ones to change) there is no response at all on the printouts.,wscst,font">click%20here%201</a> So I am sorry that I didn't expressed my self especially clear the first time but what value(s) do I need to change ? I made a copy of *HP4 to test with and I have tried to change most values with FNT in them but the wrong way I guesse :o/ because I can't get the repons I want from the writers. Best Regards MONJAK
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  • WoodEngineer
    Hello Monjak, Following is copied from a WSCST object we modified with good results. This change caused the print to be larger when printing 132 character reports on an HP laser printer. I've included some lines before the specs we changed to help you find the position in your own WSCST source. Notice the two lines dated 990927. This would look better if we had a fixed pitch font but the data is still valid. :ENDUS 990819 DATA ='1B266440'X. 990819 :VARLSPC 990819 VAROFFSET= 3 990819 VARLEN= 3 990819 VARTYPE=CHRDEC 990819 CNVNUM= 1 990819 CNVDEN= 48 990819 DATA ='1B266C00000043'X. 990819 :CPICOR 990819 CPI=15 990819 ASCIIFNT= 281 990927 <<========== FNTWTH= 72 990927 <<========== FNTATR= 1 990819 DATA =''X. 990819 :CPICOR 990819 Good luck.
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  • Monjak
    Hi, I am most grateful, thank you so much !! Best Regards Monjak
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