Need to trap “File Not Found” error when testing path string

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Lotus Domino
Hello I am processing loose files and have a text-file list of paths. Using the GetFileAttr(path$) it works just fine as I can separate out the directories from the files themselves. Problem - when the code encounters a bad file name I can't trap the error, Notes pops up a "File Not Found" error and the code terminates. Is there a better way to test string values to see if they are valid files? I have tried putting in an err_handler but Notes simply produces the "File Not Found" error pop-up. To test the problem you can code a button with the follwing script: Sub Click msg$ = Inputbox$("enter a file name", "filename","c:boc.txt") attr%= Getfileattr(msg$) Messagebox Str(attr%) End Sub Thanks for your help - Mike

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I don’t understand why you can’t trap the error. Using your sample code, I just created a button, but added a basic error handler and it worked just fine. What did your error handling code look like?

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  • CharlesJC
    mHanson, You could try using the Dir$ function to test the validity of paths and file names. For example, If Dir$(msg$) "" then 'process the file Esle 'handle your incorrect information Messagebox "File """ & msg$ & """ not found." End If This should be placed before your call to GetFileAttr. Also, why didn't trapping Err = 5 (File Not Found) work? Charles
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  • Brooklynegg
    Stilleto: Agreed. mHanson should be able to put in a generic error handler and this line to find out the error number, Messagebox "Error" & Str(Err) & ": " & Error$ ...then code a specific action to occur when that number is encountered. In my example below, error 75 is returned if I try to access a folder that does not exist and my code creates the new folder (I actually can't remember exactly how it does it, but I know it works). Example: On Error Goto Errhandle ....code here Exit Sub Errhandle: ' Use the Err function to return the error number and ' the Error$ function to return the error message. If Err = 75 Then Resume Next Else Messagebox "Error" & Str(Err) & ": " & Error$ Exit Sub End If End Sub
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  • Stiletto
    CharlesJC, I think you may have miskeyed. I think the error number is 53. AKA ErrFileNotFound if using lserr.lss
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