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i have finished creating the Case Registration System for a small law firm, and the firm said that they want the system tobe online, mean the system can be accessed from any places. how can i do this? how can i online a system that was created using the visual basiv? does it involved the use of winsock or else? could u help me with this matter?

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Based on information you gave it’s really not possible to give a detailed answer.

Here are some issues that would have to be checked first:
Which version of VB have you used to write this application (I assume that .NET environment is not used?), and if there is a data base attached to this application, which data base is it?

Then you would have to plan how to provide access to external users. I mean what kind of server will be used, how will the server be attaced to Internet (speed, firewall), how to offer secured access to the server (VPN?), etc.

Techinally it’s possible to install a VB application (I’m talking here about VB6 and older versions) on a local machine and use the application to access a data base via Internet on a remote server.
Depending on application design this can be pretty fast or then very slow. I would need more info about your application in order to give better advice.

Kaj Bredenberg

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  • Walter47
    Your information is sketchy for the question asked. My first question to you is what sort of funding do you have? It might be better to pull in a consultant. Being online with legal information might require protection. Finally, how big is the project, and how dedicated are your bosses?
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  • BeerMaker
    You can put your VB6 application on a Terminal Server (TS) machine in about 10 minutes and use remote desktop to make it available on the web. Providing you have not done anything too bad your application will work just fine. however, there are programing guidelines to follow on the microsoft site that you can research. Your development cost is about zero for this and you can ease into Web development at your own pace. If you put your TS machine behind the firewall you can access it from a VPN session. This is your best bet. Your remote users must access the VPN first, then connect to the TS machine. Printing is usually the only problem with a TS setup. If your TS machine is Win 2003 you can only use Win 2003 supported printers. Usually any HP laserjet will work fine but inexpensive multi functions printers dont usually work. If you want to open up port 3389 (the TS port) at your firewall, your users can access the machine without using a VPN. Your TS machine is now only a username/password away from being hacked so you must be careful. Good luck
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