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I know that this sounds strange, but I have a requirement for one WinXP PC to NOT change their time when our Win2k DC?s change their clocks to reflect daylight savings. Bottom line: When the servers change from Eastern Standard Time to Eastern Daylight Savings Time, I have one PC that must stay on Eastern Standard Time, and not get it?s time changed from the DC?s. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? One thought was to do a registry hack on the PC, and change the following parameter: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesW32TimeParameters Type : REG_SZ Used to control how a computer synchronizes. NoSync = do not synchronize time Is this the way to go, or is there a GPO that I can implement? Or, would it be much simpler to change the clock setting on the desk top, and uncheck the option to ?Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes?? What do you all think?

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1. Stop in Services the Windows Time service
2. In Control Panel > Date and Time go to Time Zone and uncheck the “Automatically adjust clock…..”. Also, check in Internet time if “Automatically syncronize…” box is checked.
3 Search in the PC’s bios if you have any reference to daylight savings.

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  • Dwiebesick
    You may want to consider the following: If the time is not with in a specified time-tolerance, that workstation will not get authenticated with your DC. Kerberos authenication will want by default no more then a 5 minute difference. There are ways around this, but thought you should consider the posibility of a self-induced headache.
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  • Elangeland
    It is my understanding that time synchronization protocols all take time zone into account. Therefore, all you should need to do is to uncheck "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" in the Date and Time control panel applet. That is assuming there is no Group Policy controlling these settings; if there is, you will need to exclude that one PC from the policy.
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