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I am novice with Lotus. Please help. I built a New Access Requests database for the company I work for. What this will do. Create a request for system ids for a new employee 1. Allow a blank form for employee information as well as IDs/System Access needed. 2. Once saved this new request is then forwarded to the helpdesk 3. The helpdesk assign the sequential order in which the IDs will be assigned. This is done by entering groups into a field ROUTINGREQUEST field field type = Dialog List - editable (uses address dialog for choices) I want to keep to original list in tact so I created another field ROUTINGLIST field Field type = text computed Value = RoutingRequest There is also a hidden field ROUTINGCOUNT And the value is @Elements(RoutingRequest) I do not know how to code the button to mail the 1st person in ROUTINGLIST a link to the form then remove that person from the list so that when the “MY REVIEW IS COMPLETE” button is clicked the second person in the list is now the first person in the list and so on until the list is empty.

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If the field is computed, it will revert to the value specified by the formula every time the document is edited and saved. If you can arrange for the field not to be calculated until RoutingRequest has its final value, then you can just make it Computed when Composed. Or, if something must happen to make it have the right value (someone clicking an action button for instance) then you can do the assignment as part of the button code. This might be the button clicked by the helpdesk to start the process. The code might look something like this:

@If(RoutingRequest != “”; “”; @Return(@Prompt([ok]; “error”; “There are no names to route to”)));
count := @Elements(RoutingRequest);
FIELD RoutingList := @If(count > 1; @Subset(RoutingRequest; 1-count); “”);
@MailSend(RoutingRequest[1]; “”; “”; <i>subject</i>; “Please review this here document”; “”; [IncludeDocLink]);

And the button to do the approval would use a similar formula to remove the current person’s name from RoutingList, and send email to the next person. However, if the save fails, you must restore the previous value of RoutingList (instead of doing “” as in this formula), or else when they try it again they will remove the next approver.

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