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I am Bachelor of Technology from Mumbai (India). I have had a short stint at a S/W development company where I developed a software using Java-J2EE. For this I needed to understand the business problem in the REAL WORLD and then go to the ABSTRACT WORLD to code a solution for it. I soon realized that the most important part of it is the System Analysis and Design aspect which dealt more with the REAL WORLD. I want this to be my career but don't know how to get into it. If I work as a programmer I will be stuck mastering J2EE, Application Servers and databases like Oracle for at least 2-3 years. And after all that hard work I wouldn't want to turn my back on it by doing a MBA & try for management positions which could lead to roles similar to what I aim for. I want to know about positions where I can start as close as possible to my dream job of understanding business processes and designing the interfaces or whole software on an enterprise level. Considering my Bachelor's is in Technology, is SAP a better option for me? As far as I know I will have to customize ERP/SAP systems based on the business needs and it seems pretty good combination of work I could do, considering my long term goal. Right now I know little about SAP/ERP and don't know what role I should start with a firm working with SAP/ERP. Please guide me to shape my career by suggesting roles, qualifications, knowledge & experience I should look out for. I want to work as close as to the business and hopefully leverage my technical background because that's all I got so far, at least initially. Hope that the experts can help me by giving some clear steps to follow to build my career. Thanking you in anticipation.

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You can also take a look at IBM.

I personally appreciate what IBM has added to the Software Engineering community. Look at products from IBM Rational, such as Rational Rose, Clear Quest, Web Sphere. The Eclipse IDE is developed in great part by IBM. If you like their ideology and are very motivated, it might be possible to work for them. I heard that they do a lot of outsourcing (jobs outside US).

However, I would not want to distract you from your initial direction. I’m only giving you another option.

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  • Saiatobviousideasdotcom
    Your qn is well thought out and indicates the extent to which you have throught through options and outcomes. Kudos! I would recommend that you explore the following paths: 1. Get your focus on starting off as a Business Analyst / Business Systems Analyst. In order to get your feet wet, become familiar with Business Process Mapping etc.. Japan Mgt Association in India offers a certificate course in BPR. Consider that as a starter. 2. Get an industry certification in a COTS based product- you have indicated SAP. Get a business-oriented training, where you can focus on process mapping, requirements gathering etc.. 3. Don't worry about what your BE/BTech is in. Frankly, it does not matter. Thats only a stepping stone to what you want to do. What matters is a thought process for problem solving, decision analysis and solution design (not necessarily 'technical' alone). 4. Recognize that you will be working a lot with PEOPLE, not just PRODUCTS. So, get some skills and appreciation for finer points of negotiation, mediation, etc. 5. Keep a healthy positive attitude in the face of all kinds of nay sayers who believe that only specific routes can get you to your goal. Follow your heart!! Good luck!!
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  • FredMackie
    Even while you are looking, keep busy with online resource such as Enterprise Resource Planning to keep you up to date.
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