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Hi everybody, I am CPA Candidate and live in Texas USA. Now a days, lot of companies ask me questions like: do you know oracle financial? Do you know SAP blah blah. People suggesting me to learn these software skills & I know nothing about these fields. Please suggest –where from I should start career – whether to start learning oracle or SAP. Please suggest me keeping few questions in mind such as:-
  1. Which one should go better in match with CPA.
  2. What should be the specialization – in any of these two.
  3. Which one has better job availability
  4. Which one can be learned in shorter period with better return with respect to salary. I mean, one can make better money in oracle or in SAP

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I would go online and check if there are more opportunities in Oracle Financials or in SAP, regardless you have to learn a new software package as all companies use an Accounting software package these days.
The sooner you learn the better it is for you. I can talk about SAP as don’t know Oracle Financials. You are a CPA so concentrate on SAP FI/CO. Time period required to learn depends upon how much effort you put in.
Online courses are available for both, if you register for four weekend courses, you will have to invest tons of your time. If you register in a college then it will take a couple of years but you will have good understanding of the subject.
Hope this will help….Good Luck.

if you want any help related to SAP MM (Materail Management) then contact me at


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  • Sammy ana
    thanks skg, your advise is helpful in making decision. i was alslo turning towards sap fi/co after doing lot of research on net regarding jobs trends and jobs availabilty. now, also please suggest me - it should be enough to learn online to find a job or i need to get certification to get a job. thanks
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  • Skg
    Sammy, Certification always helps, however, SAP knowledge is more helpful. When you prepare for SAP job, keep certification in mind and study for that also. ECC 6 requires two certifications. One for FI and the other one for CO.
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  • Clevera19
    Hi Sammy Anna Strange that i find somebody in a similar situation as i'm facing! I'm also a CPA candidate in Houston TX and i have been working as a staff accountant for 4 years. I'm also looking to add a SAP FICO certification to my resume as from my research i have carried out, FICO consultants are in high demand in the US. Have you decided which option you are going to use? (online or college training)
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  • Rkvyas2006
    if you want any help related to SAP MM (Materail Management) then contact me at Regards Rajesh
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  • AnnieC
    In my opinion, you will have better chances if you learn a middle size Accounting Software. Tere are more Mid-Size companies than there are big size. Mid size Accounting Software such as Epicor, Dynamics Nav, Dynamics AX and GP, MAS500 are options.
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  • zer

    Hi Sammy,

    I am sure you would be surprised to get a fellow-up on a question you asked 5 years ago, 'Oracle or SAP?'. I found myself in exactly the same position. I am a CPA & a Sr. Auditor at one of the local firms in Washington DC. To increase marketability/mobility; and also get out of public accounting, I wanted to add some software/IT skill. I just want to know how it worked out for you? Oracle Financial vs. SAP Financial, which one has a better job opportunity? I greatly appreciate any help from anybody.

    Thank you,

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  • Joness
    My name is Jones from India. I done my MBA in finance and one of my Bro asked me to learn Hyperion Finance, esbass and planning. But after many researches on Google, it seems SAP FICO is better for India. Please suggest me as I'm fresher, which one get me a job as soon as possible: Oracle Hyperion or SAP FICO?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Jones, Oracle Hyperion includes products for financial management, budgeting, planning and forecasting with database management etc. While SAP FICO stands for Financial Accounting and controlling. It is an important module of ERP & both FI and CO modules stores the financial related data with reports. Now this is your decision to go for anyone. Of course money is a matter though preferable is SAP FICO.
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  • ankit3302
    From a career point of view, both SAP and Oracle are very good. By learning any of these skills you will get better opportunities salary-wise. Being a CPA, you should learn SAP FI/CO which will be very advantageous for you.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Moreover, if the cost is a matter, you can try for Cyber Security, which is a good demand in job market. Specially Cisco CyberSecurity certification which can definitely help to get a good job that can help you to learn SAP/Oracle. This is lesser cost than both. You can link the Cisco official website and look for this certification.
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  • ToddN2000
    In my experience there are more job opportunities in SAP. Just check your local job postings site to see what is more prevalent in your area.
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  • TheRealRaven
    And in my experience, the number of openings has been unrelated to the quality of career progression. When my eventual career choice was made, there were zero postings for it -- my manager and I worked with IBM to define the position description. Even today, almost 30 years later, there are very few openings; but each one I've filled has been essentially a dream job, just what I wanted, when I wanted it and where I wanted it from California to Alaska.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    The most important question is: do you want to be an IT expert in these products? General CPA certification, especially if it's to become an accountant, doesn't necessarily mesh with these recommendations you're getting - especially if you're not interested. It's sort of like someone recommending that a law student get their ASE auto mechanic certification to complement their education. Yeah, it may help if they become an ambulance chaser and participate in gathering up car parts after an accident for accident re-creation/damage assessment. But, still, is it really necessary? So, you have to figure out what it is you want to do.
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