Need a stable wireless router – what one to get

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Wireless routers
I currently have a D-Link WBR-2310 serving as the outside router for my network, and it likes to reboot irregularly. Sometimes it reboots a couple times a day, causing disruptions for our users who complain mightily. I've updated firmware to the latest (v1.05) and it continues to reboot unexpectedly. This is my outside router that serves wireless access to visitors. I have a Cisco Pix connected to the WBR-2310 to isolate my internal network and provide VPN capabilities. If a wireless user needs to access the internal LAN, they use VPN. The Pix has 12 PC's connected to it (via a switch of course) I would guess the problem is that there is too much traffic for the D-Link to handle (pretty heavy internet use), so I'm looking for ideas on a good, robust wireless router with a good SPI firewall and some site blocking mechanisms (the D-Link can block sites by URL or IP). Logging capabilities would be nice too. (the D-Link has logging but isn't very complete, and it's kindof erratic as well). Our internet service is ADSL, 6mbit d/l speed. The Pix logging shows somewhat spikey traffic patterns - generally well under 1mbps but regularly hitting 5+mbps for up to 30 secs. Avg over time is low - under 1mbps so I believe our link speed is sufficient. So, what brands/models would people recommend/suggest?

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I’d recommend first (if you don’t already have it) that you put the router (and all your other equipment) on a good surge suppressor or UPS.

Specific products aside, I’ve encountered more problems with “dirty” electricity than one can shake the proverbial stick at. – BobKberg

Cisco makes a great wireless product. It’s a bit pricey but for heavy traffic it works well. It also has better range than the Dlink will have, so better coverage.

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  • Fishmahn
    Thanks for the suggestion BobKberg. I've got the server, switch, routers and phone system on Tripp-Lite UPSs, so I'm pretty sure I have clean power. Jirvine, I'll look at the Cisco. I was leaning that way anyways because I have a Pix, but as you said, they're pricey, so I was looking to see if there was a less expensive option - not the $59 variety, but not $500+ either. Thx, Mike.
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  • Kieranmullen
    Where did you get that great pricing on the Cisco Aironet Wireless? This commercial equipment is usually quite expensive. Aironet 1250 standard AP for north America 802.11g/n, NEW List $1,249.00 Refurbished $795.00 802.11a/g NON-MODULAR IOS AP; RP-TNC; FCC CONFIG, NEW List $999.00 Refurbished $545.00 Not including antenna's & cable! If you like Cisco there is always Linksys (Which they bought out to also be in the consumer market) KieranMullen
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  • Sixball
    The network you described is using both a home-level and enterprise-level device. One good solution, especially if you DO go Cisco, is look into the "Cisco Small Business" Line.. A Good wireless router/FW is the WRVS4400N: uses 2x2 wireless N, has a decent firewall, can handle more through-put than your D-Link and runs anywhere from $150-$200. The Aironet mentioned earlier isn't a "wireless router", but more of an "Access Point", which would require being cabled into a switch/router...
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