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Hello all, I might be using this method for the wrong reason! I am Senior Domino/Blackberry/Networking professional with ten years of working experience, working with very large organization. I recently obtained my IBM certification and now I am getting ready to do my master in IT Project management. Here is my questions. I need a new jobs, the place where I work now is small but growing company, the problem is that it is very difficult to achieve anything here since everyone want things done their way. If anyone know Or need a very good Notes adminsitrator please let me know. Thanks

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You may try T-mobile Internal if they are in your area.. They are a growing company and owned by one of the largest telecom companies in the free world, Duetsche telecom.. good luck!

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  • Anannymouse
    Hello 131313, If you are considering leaving your job for another just because others want things done their way - don't bother. It is a universal business fact that everyone wants to do it their way but invariably does what those above them tell them or move on. Your best bet is to develop some of your soft skills. Try taking some negotiation and/or conflict management courses. These will help you see the other person?s point of view so you can present your argument/view point in a way that can sway them to your way of thinking. On the other hand, switching company's is the best way to get ahead as far as money is concerned. Remember, any raise you get in your current job is going to be based on your existing salary. A new job gives the opportunity to negotiate remuneration from scratch. Good luck. A.
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  • Dalejanus
    Do you work for a very large organization or a small but growing company? I hate to point out the obvious but in most organizations, everyone wants things done their way. It is basic human nature. While you may have fantastic technical skills, you will earn bigger bucks for your people/managament skills. No matter where you are working, it is often difficult to achieve things. While you may have a really great technical solution, people just do not want to change. You must convince them that your new way will save them time, money, is quicker, better faster, etc. An alternative is that it will become increasinly painful to continue with the old ways. Or both! You gotta sell the sizzle, not the steak. If you can do that, you can work anywhere and get great satisfaction from accomplishing things. Now I understand not everyone is a salesperson. Perhaps you can convince just one executive to see just one project through to completion, no matter what. Working together is usually better than trying to go it alone. Having executive support is good, but it is rare to have full authority from the highest levels to implement your project. Corporate life, as in real life, is full of compromises, politics, limited resources and personalities. What if you take a new job, implement the one exciting project that convinced you to take the job, then get shot down on everything else you are trying to do? You are back in the same boat. I guess I'm just trying to say that the grass may not be any greener at another job. Good luck. ---Dale
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