Need 50 laptops for sales force

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Posted on behalf of member SumBanks: I need to replace 50 laptops and am considering leasing instead of buying. What questions should I ask before leasing? Thanks in advance.

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My advice is to carefully weigh the costs of leasing over buying and look long and hard at the term. You can get a three year warranty on equipement which covers pretty much everything. Unless there is a compelling reason in terms service or cost, I would buy as I always do. I tend to try to work on a three year replacement cycle although lately, as in this year, money has tightened up, so I just called and for little cost, had my warranties extended by two years. After three to five years, you really do need to replace the machines. I guess the best advice I can give is to do the math very carefully.


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  • Clwaid
    I agree to weigh the cost of leasing carefully. You may also want to look at the other side of leasing and purchase equipment coming off lease. We hae done this when I did not need the latest technology. IF you can get by with some two year old equipment, It can work out to your benefit. IT has worked well for us. Good Luck Lance
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  • NoFX39
    Found this in an old PCWorld article by James Martin:,aid,118219,pg,1,00.asp What types of leases do you offer? How long are the lease terms? Does the notebook need to be insured? Is there an advance payment? Can I add equipment to my lease? Can I end my lease early? Is there a prepayment penalty? If so, how much?
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  • Poppaman
    One thing to consider as well is the return terms... I have dealt with leasing companies who will take computers back as long as they function, and others who ask for ALL original packaging including quickstart guides, cables, plastic bags, etc... ALL of it.. As we did not look at the terms very carefully, we were "dinged" for quite a substantial sum at lease end....
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