my wi-fi password,

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I don't remember my wi-fi password, how do I change my passsword?


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if you are using wifi usb data card at the back of the card if you open the case there is a pin hole all you need a pin and carefully press the button present in that hole .press till the led light blink 3 times and make sure your data card is connected at the time of reset.

if you are using router .On the back of the router hold the reset button and it’ll go back to the factory defaults. You’ll be able to change your password after this.

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  • pdsathishkumar
    you can't change your password, because you don't have that authority.... just contact wi-fi customer care office... they ll enquire your proof... after they ll provide new password....
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  • jinteik
    if you mean that your wifi password at home, then change it frm the router
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  • Sugar2011
    Question #2 - I received your answer, thank you very much, but how do I change at my router? Can you send me the "step-by-step" directions? I have a Westell router: Here is the info on the back. Model #- D90-0327W14-06 REV E SN- 08FX8000826 WEPB15538867F D99-327W14-03 08/2008 REV J
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  • jinteik
    well the 1st thing is you will be required to know what is your router password. I can roughly guide you thru but the rest you will be required to fill in yourself 1. Fireup IE 2. Type in the router password on the address. for example http(s):// 3. Press enter 4. Look for wireless connection. 5. Look for the password that has been put there. 6. If you want to continue to use that password, then note it down, if not just change the password. 7. Save if you change the password 8. You might or might not be required to restart the router. Hope that helps
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  • Streetsec
    And to answer the question that usually follows this action a few minutes later... "what's the default password for my router?" it's pretty easy to find through a Google search by manufacturer. Sites like provide lookups for most models.
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  • Harisheldon
    If you do not remember the password on your wireless router, you can reset it to the default settings. You do this by pressing a button in the back, it normally needs a pen to press it. Once it has been reset, just log onto it and set a new password. Also, remember to redo all of the settings that you had previously.
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  • ToddN2000
    Check the router itself, it is sometimes set to a default and found on the bottom of the device. If not you can usually hook up a cable to the router and follow the instruction in the manual to reset it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Just reset it again, if you are not so comfortable, you can call an expert.
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