MY Microsoft windows 10 tablet was stolen, forgot my email account address, but I used my Google account address for backup. Need my info off windows

Windows 10 with chrome browser and Google apps installed on stolen notebook/tablet
I am capable of doing the homework necessary to access my notebook/tablet Microsoft windows 10 information with help.
I know where it is n can get close enough to be able to remotely access it, if I call the cops they will just break it or deny having it.
I have my account back from Google that I used for my Microsoft backup information.
I changed password till old password wasn't accepted to be able for the thieves to go back and change password.
Please help me.
Just need information on how to get my information off notebook/tablet onto my android phone or put on my Google drive account.
I know my password for my stolen devices but am unable to remember my Microsoft email account.
Also, the stolen Microsoft notebook/tablet is not responding to the thieves, they can't get past the password on startup or the extra security I put on it,my cousin has access to my stolen Microsoft notebook/tablet but is computer illiterate.
Need a program I can install on a USB drive and have him plug it into port to get my information back and then put a virus on my stolen Microsoft notebook/tablet so the thieves won't be to use it,   I'm lost at which option is best!!!
Need program for USB drive to get my information off or access my stolen Microsoft notebook/tablet remotely and get information transferred to my android PHONE. But notebook/tablet is off n haven't seen activity on my lost device app through Google!!
I have my Microsoft windows 10 notebook/tablet launcher on my new PHONE now with all my apps and everything else that was on backup Google address,  but can't find my files or information or pictures through my phone with Google account backup that's on my stolen Microsoft windows 10 notebook/tablet???
If my notebook/tablet that was stolen is turned off can I still access it remotely???
Haven't seen any activity on my Google lost device app and no activity on my other devices that was stolen either.
I had my notebook/tablet Microsoft windows 10 and my android PHONE linked with my Google account address.
Please help me.
I'm sorry for the confusion with my requests.
Thank you

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  • ToddN2000
    If the tablet is off you won't be able to access it. If you have blocked the thieves from using it by setting up and changing passwords, they might have just ditched the device or did a factory refresh so it's like a new device and that means your data will be gone from the device. Was anything backed up to Google drive or another device prior to it being stolen?
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  • carlosdl
    You "sound" very desperate.  Relax a little bit.

    It is not clear what you are really trying to say.  Maybe after relaxing a bit you will be able to write more clear and specific questions, which will be easier for people to answer.

    These are the things I (and probably others) don't understand:

    1. Is the device a notebook or a tablet? 
    2. What operating system is it running?
    3. How do you know that the device is not responding to the thieves?
    4. What exactly is the "extra security" you put on?
    5. How exactly does your cousin have access to the device, and what kind of access does he have to it?
    6. It sounds like your cousin has physical access to it.  So, who stole it?  Was it really stolen, or is there something you are not telling us?
    7. What is so important about the data you have there, that you are even considering putting a virus on the device, just to make sure no one can access it?

    And to answer one of the questions:  No, you won't be able to access the device remotely if it is turned off.
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  • TheRealRaven
    carlosdl did a great job covering most things. One thing missing is that we can't tell you to access a device remotely. If we told you, we'd also be telling everyone else.

    If the device was stolen, your best option is to report it to the proper authorities.
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