My iseries id gets disabled frequently.

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iSeries security
My iseries id gets disabled frequently. when i check the log it gives me following message.

Message ID . . . . . . :   CPIAD0B       Severity . . . . . . . :   00         Message type . . . . . :   Information                                         Date sent  . . . . . . :   23/03/10      Time sent  . . . . . . :   14:44:58                                                                                  Message . . . . :   *SIGNON server job 655952/QUSER/QZSOSIGN processing          request for user ITJOHN on 23/03/10 14:44:58 in subsystem QUSRWRK in QSYS.   Cause . . . . . :   The *SIGNON server is processing request 1 for user          ITJOHN.  The types of requests supported are as follows:                         1 -- Retrieve Signon Information                                               2 -- Change Password                                                           3 -- Generate Authentication Token                                             4 -- Generate Authentication Token on Behalf of Another User                   5 -- Start Server                                                         


After this is processed the id status shows as disabled.  Why is this happening?

Software/Hardware used:
os400 as400 iseries

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This could occur when entering an invalid password when using ODBC.


<i>After this is processed the id status shows as disabled. Why is this happening?</i>

If that is the precise sequence (i.e., after the message appears the user ITJOHN is disabled but was enabled before the message), then the password that was supplied for ITJOHN was incorrect.

It might be ODBC, or it might be iSeries Navigator, or it might be any iSeries Access function that uses the Signon Server. (It could even be a 3rd-party product or home-grown, as long as authentication is through the Signon Server.)

The message ID CPIAD0B is simply the Signon Server reporting that it has been contacted to “Retrieve Signon Information” for ITJOHN. Whatever process was started on (almost certainly) a client PC in the name of ITJOHN requested a logon approval and was denied. Your system audit journal should contain more detail about why.

The most common reason might be a NetServer (e.g., Windows mapped drive) that is using a wrong password, perhaps a Windows password rather than the AS/400 password. However, many other possibilities exist.


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  • Obierun
    It looks like the user id is already disabled when you are receiving this message. What kind of a connection are we working with here? I am thinking that is a Client Access Server request to sign on. Do you have a prefilled user id and password set up? Do you have some messages immediately before this saying the user id information is incorrect?
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  • Whatis23
    Have you changed your password recently and if so does the error coincide with that? We had an issue were another developer was using someone's id as a service account. His process failed when that id's password was changed. We were fortunate that our log had the ip addresses where the user id had been logging into for weeks. In any event, verify your own iNav seesion has the correct paasword.
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  • JohnsonMumbai
    I used to save my password for my i series connection on my client. But this i have stopped since i encountered this error and iam forced to input my password for every connection. Since no ip is being mentioned. Iam unable to find where this is happening. Also if it is being used for odbc, which i have not set, but still iam unable to find where it is happening, hence i have to get my id enabled every time i logoff.
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  • WoodEngineer
    The most common reason this happens in our shop is a saved password.
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  • BigKat
    Hi JM, Windows can be tricky about storing passwords and providing them for you later. Most often it is mapped drives and file shares. Also ODBC connections, (but you already said you don't have that set). Also, do you have any processes that connect from another system to this one?
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  • TomLiotta
    ...but still iam unable to find where it is happening,... That is probably true. You could only find out when it happened and possibly where (source IP address) the request came from. A PW entry in the system audit journal would log those and other elements. Like all sockets connections, the Signon Server has no way to know what process on your PC contacted it. It can only know the remote address. You might be able to clear cached passwords from your PC by running the CWBLOGON command in a PC command window. Run CWBLOGON /? to see a description of the command parameters, including how to clear the cache for a specific system and user. Tom
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  • JohnsonMumbai
    Thanks very much the command CWBLOGON /c did the job.
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