My C++ compiler showing error UNABLE TO OPEN IOSTREAM.H and IOSTREAM

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My c++ compiler showing error that UNABLE TO OPEN IOSTREAM.H #include<iostream.h> <---- error When I enter IOSTREAM it again shows error #include<iostream.h> <<------- error and so for other header files and also for COUT and CIN

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Your compiler needs to know where to look for the header files. How to configure the ‘include’ directories will be different depending on the compiler you are using.

CIN and COUT are not being recognized because they are defined in iostream.h which your compiler has not been able to include.


i think you want to set envoirnment of your editer window
first: go in editor window
and open option popdown menu
and select directory command
then set path of include directory Example: c:\tc\include and save enviornment changes.


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  • Medhashandilya
    My c++ compiler show error unable to open include file 'iostream'.
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  • Subhendu Sen


    Probably this could be because of the incorrect path to turbo c header files (assuming windows). While you writing the code and call iostream.h, compiler does not get that file, which is generally located with tc folder & the common location for header files is, c:/tc/include. At first, open the directory (or where you installed the program) & ensure there is include files like iostream.h. If it is there, make the path correct that the C compiler can find the same. Open turbo c/ c++ interface. Click on options from title bar. From given list, open option for directories. Now a directories window will open.In this window, you can see the path for include directories. Make sure the path is correct.

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  • Vijayar2
    My Compiler path is correct still it is not including iostream file.
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  • Subhendu Sen

    @Vijayar2, iostream,  is the standard C++ header you need to include. While it depends on OS like Windows/ Linux. Generally, #include<iostream.h> is used in C++ in order to include the header file "iostream" in the program. Iostream is used to invoke the commonly used functions like cout,cin in a C++ program. Iostream stands for input output stream.

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  • TheRealRaven
    @Vijayar2 : Your path might or might not be correct. We can't comment on it until you show the relevant details.

    If it turns out to be truly correct in relevant aspects, you'll need to contact the compiler vendor or the OS vendor.
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  • sawyannainglin
    int main()
    This code is turbo c++.
    Run error.
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