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What happens with MS Exchange Outlook server if 2 users are using the same email account at the same time? I think I may have had my account name and PW stolen and someone is looking at my email. I am not a tech guy and have not wanted to get the co people involved. I am not sure as I guess they may be reading only . I have a hunch and am trying to find out if this is possible. Thanks in advance Pododog

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There are several different things that can occur, but you have few choices for your response/action.

It is difficult in outlook/exchange to log on to other accounts unless you are either allowed access in active directory or exchange. If somebody has your network logon, change. it. If they then try and log on as you, your account will lock out if your system does this and somebody can track the bad logon to a remote machine.
If it is somebody in IT or smebody has rights to your mailbox, that is another issue and you should discuss with IT/exchange administrators.

Totally concur the first answer. Access to your mailbox (possibly seen as an added mailbox to the other “user”) would have been applied/configured at Exchange System Manager level meaning IT Admin or someone with similar Administrator access rightsto Exchange server has specifically given permission.

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  • Pododog
    Thanks, I think I understand. We are a small shop and don't have an IT dept. If I am on the exchange email server through the work LAN, and logged in to my email account, will I know if a hacker is on my account at the same time with my UN and PW, logged into the server from the internet? I often log in from home or remote locations to check my email. Would I see the screen change, messages pop up, etc as the remote user moves through the account? Does one user have priority over the other? I have noticed some messages marked as unread when I just read them. This has happened a lot lately. Also I can see the completion bar at the bottom of the screen move when I am not actively using the system. We have no one that we have hired to monitor email traffic. I am concerned that someone my be checking my proposals and client correspondence. Any action items I should look for would be helpful. I have changed my UN and PW already. Perhaps someone has hacked into our system and stolen our account information with some sort of keystroke tracker or other method. I hate to spend a lot of money tracing a problen that may not exist. Thanks in advance. Pododog
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