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I currently work for a company which has 5 retail websites. The problem we need to solve is how to handle all of the emails. We have several customer service reps and 5 incoming emails (, ect.) We need a program, hosted preferably, that will allow for multiple users to answer emails, and be able to see what emails have already been answered. We currently use outlook, but the emails have to come into one account and be passed along to the appropriate represenative which is very inefficient. We want all the reps to be able to log in, see all the emails and respond accordingly. The have to know what has already been responded to to eliminate duplicate repsonses. If anyone has any suggestions of software or hosted solutions please let me know.

Thank You.

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I deal with a similar system at my work and it works pretty well.

We basically have a global box and that gets added to everyone’s Outlook. That global box collects all the emails. You would have to add the global box to everyone’s outlook so it would be a subset of their regular inbox It acts like a queue and you can see which emails have been read, responded to etc (by the default Outlook way.. Bold, Not bold etc).

The only thing is that you wouldn’t be able to see is, who responded, but that can be done by CC that global box but someone would have to sort that into a sub folder.

Also, when you reply, you have the option of choosing who the sender is as well.

Hope that helps and makes sense.

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  • mshen
    The global box is a good method until you find a program to automate things. You can use public folders and email rules to move the email to the correct public folder. To make sure people don't reply to the same email, they should move the email from the public folder to their own inbox and respond from there.
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  • Mmsed
    Ok, so what i want to get is the program that automates this. Mshen- do you have any suggestions of programs that are out there for this?
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  • batye
    I would recommend to take a look at bat - simple to use I used before at one of the Russian/German starts up and I like it. also now they offer bat voyager email on the go also I would suggest first try Bat Post! Server - 50 accounts and see how is it
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