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Please feel free to direct me to previous post if applicable. I have searched all over this site and others to try to find specifics. I have a business network that all of the PCs and two windows small business servers run on. I have a separate network that my machines(industrial PLCs, VFDs, and HMI screens) communicate on. The main server does DHCP for the network and the pcs are all connected to standard dlink unmanaged switches with no router. We probably have around 80 ip addresses in use on that network. The machines on the network are all fixed address and are connected with nice managed switches. These two are on separate subnets as the machine controllers like to broadcast and will clog up the business network. Up to this point the only reason I have had to have any connection between the two networks is because I need to allow some of the machines to send emails which just entails access to the server. Since I only needed a basic one way connection I just got a simple router and set the WAN port up on the business network and the LAN on the machine network and life was good. I have now put in a lot more hardware and I have a need for seamless access from the business network to the machine network while still keeping the broadcast traffic contained in the network. I know that what I need is a nice business class router so that I can configure two different subnets on two different ports and let the router do its job. What I need is a suggestion on specific hardware to get this done for a reasonable cost. I am a mechanical engineer by day, so I only know enough about networking to get to where I am but I do not know all of the lingo to be able to read router specs and pick one. I do not want to do the two NICs in the server trick, as we have a lot of problems with that server and I don't want it screwing up my machine network. I need my machines to at least keep talking to each other even through armageddon. Thanks

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A small Cisco 800 series ethernet router would do the trick. They can be configured using a web interface if you are not that good with the CLI. All you need to do is configure the router with an ip address on each subnet and it will act as the gateway between the 2 networks. Routers also isolate broadcast domains so your users network wont get swamped by traffic from your machine network. To keep costs down have a look on eBay.

Another option to look at as well is to potentially enable routing on your managed switches, assuming they support layer 3 routing.

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