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I'm in the process of creating an app that will download (ftp) files from a specific folder from an AIX box. Downloading a single file works fine; however, if I want a generic group, as in this case, I get a file not found error when I use a wildcard. However, and this is the problem, if I am not logged on the system, the AIX system, it works fine. As you may have guessed I don't want to log off the system everytime I want to download and test the files. My statement looks like this: Dim MySession As New Reflection2.Session MySession.FTPReceiveFile "C:MyTempThird Party.txt", RemoteFile, rcASCII, rcAppend Remote file looks like: "/usr/lpp/protobase/pbsale061605*.out" The goal is to get all the files that look like pbsale061605*.out Any thoughts? Thanks, Tony

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my question is why does it work when you are not logged into the host system and why does it fail when you are logged into the host system? Could it be that there is a security issue involved that limits the number of logged in users from 1 location? Or is it a port issue.. not able to use a port that you are using while logged in?

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  • TonyTempio
    At this point I'm not even convinced about it working while I'm logged off. There's another app I have that works correctly, i.e. if you enter the name of the file you want to ftp it does it. In this case, I need all the files from a particular day, pbsale071505... This could be one or n files; I don't know how many or their names. Do you have any other thoughts you can share? Thanks, Tony
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  • mnman66
    You'll have to check your permissions with your AIX server, or port permissions. Also, there maybe a conflict with your Reflection program as well. We are using Reflection X ver 7.23, and we can only have 1 xterm going at a time. You may want to create a DOS script, or maybe a VBS script to pull your files. You can then schedule them to run. Or create a script on the AIX server to push, when you feel the need.
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