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I have users that have multiple email alias's, The exchange server is set that if the or Receives an email it goes directly to the My users are experiencing issues with their clients, what my users would like to have is the ability to use Outlook 2003/2007 and send emails with the proper address to various clients. I was wondering if there’s an application/add-on for exchange or outlook, or a setting that I change in Outlook/Exchange so the users can have separate identities when they send out emails. Thank you, Gianni

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Ciao Gianni,
you can try and set correct permissions for the additional accounts and then have them accessible through the “additional mailboxes” feature; another thing you may try is to setup delegation for the mailboxes.
I hope this helps.

Hi gianni

To save effort and maximise on ease of use, I would change the account setup to include each of the alias addresses as it’s own IMAP/POP3 account – this way also all mail will be stored in the sent folders. I know it’s not perfect, but if you want to be able to send from the correct multiple addresses, it’s all I can think. You could still have them all returning to a central shared exchange account, and just use IMAP for transmission?

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  • Gianni
    Ciao Alessandro, My question to you now is, in Exchange I have these users' email address' set as alias's. I shouldn't have to set permission if the email addresses are linked to the users'. If I were to set delegations, are the emails going to be stored on the exchange server or local on there pc.
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  • Technochic
    You are correct in that these are not separate accounts, they are additional email addresses for each account and therefore you do not set different permissions. Our users have 4 email addresses attached to their accounts, and only one is primary, which means that one will show as the address the email is sent from. If you have both and set for an email account and is set to be primary then anyone who receives email from them will see as the return email address. As far as I know there is no way to send email to different people with a different "from" email address for the same account. You would have to create different email accounts instead, each with a different primary SMTP.
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  • Nelsonabbott
    Here is how I did it in my organization using exchange 2003 and outlook 2007. Add each email address in exchange 2003 so that all email addresses go to the same user account. In Outlook 2007, set up a POP3 account for each alternate email address. In each POP3 account, set the reply address to the distinct email address you want to use for that account. Name the POP3 account with a descriptive name that will let the user remember what email address applies to which POP3 account. Set the POP3 account to send email but not to check email (no need to check email since the email is already in the user mail box). When a user wants to send email from exchange, the default reply address will be the default address in exchange 2003. From the compose email form in outlook, the user can click on account and choose one of the alternate accounts to send the email from. The reply address in the sent email will then change depending on the account chosen by the user.
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  • Knome
    Here is a nice article maybe this will help you.
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  • Genderhayes
    Personalized email address for communicating with your colleagues and associates, and also want a generic email address for communicating with your customers add additional email addresses to your domain that act as aliases to an existing mailbox without adding a new Exchange account distribution lists, you can add a new email address without adding a new exchange account
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