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I have an iSeries V6.1 running our SMTP and POP3 servers. MSF jobs (3 in total) seem to build up on CPU usage and then eventually max out the CPU to 100%. Emails then are not processed, nothing can be sent or received while these MSF jobs are running at full throttle. Restarting MSF seems to alleviate the problem for a short while (ENDMSF STRMSF). SMTP relay is restricted to local network and a few select external IP addresses. RBL set to spamhaus. We are not blacklisted yet so I think we can rule out sending SPAM as a problem. I am NOT an IBM trained or experienced person but experienced on Linux and Windows server platforms and need some pointers in how to debug MSF. Is there are program or process that is repeatedly sending emails? Is there a case of SMTP and MSF bouncing an email around? How do I check this?

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V6R1, ibm i-series

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When you notice the slow down do a WRKACTJOB on the as/400 and click on the heading “CPU %” then do a shift+F4. This will show you the current jobs taking up the most CPU resources. You can then go into each job by putting a 5 in the OPT  column and then enter a 10 to take a look at the log for that job to see what it’s doing. If these jobs are consistently choking the system you may want to change the run priority on these jobs. You can check the current setting by WRKACTJOB and then press F11, the PTY column has the current value. The lower the number the more CPU and resources it grabs. Word of caution here.. Be very careful when changing these values.. IF you have a runaway job that gets to much you may not be able to kill it. To change the run priority put a 2 in the opt column and press F4. This will let you set a new run priority. For your mail jobs you may want to set it at a higher value than your interactive jobs, say maybe a 30 or 40 value. If you find the system runs well with a higher setting you may want to have a programmer change the call to submit the job with the higher value permanently.

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  • pdraebel
    You may want to look into the STRMSF command. It has several options. Typing STRMSF and using F4 (function key 4) gives you the command prompt and its main parameters. Using F1 functions as "HELP" key and gives extra info. Another road you may want to take is the CLNMAIL or Clean Mail program from IBM (search the net for more on that).
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