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I am using MS Access 2007. I am trying to modify a report and I want to delete the label in the page header section but not the detail field. I cannot find a way to detach the label from the detail field

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You should be able to just select the label – not the field. Then hit the delete key.

On the Layout roll-up you can use Delete Template icon to disconnect label.
Maybe I mistake in names, so I use located version in other language.

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  • Heymon
    I also think that just selecting should have worked as it has in previous versions of MS Access. Unfortunately this is NOT the case and hence my question. I need to find a way to "detach" the two fields. I would actually like to find a way to "turn off" this "feature" as it is totally useless to me.
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  • tlsanders1
    I don't use 2007, but maybe you can cheat and just set the visibility of the label to FALSE or drive its length down to zero. It would still be there, but you couldn't see it. Kind of a kludge, I know.
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  • Juju
    Heymom! I agree with TIsanders1 that you should just make the label invisible. Not to insult you, but you do that by: Clicking on the label , opening properties, scrolling down until you see "visible" and the default is "yes", then just change that to "no" and clost properties. Good luck! JuJu
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  • Randym
    I tested it in Access 2007 and it works just like previous versions. So it is strange that you cannot delete like I said. The others have a solution; but if you have a lot of controls on a report that are unnecessary, it makes it confusing and it makes the database bigger. You could try using cut. Cut and paste would probably detach it but keep the label.
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  • Dmenke38
    I just finished an assignment using Access 2007 for the first time. The issue is how Access 2007 populates forms with the fields from the defined datasource. Several "features" were discovered: 1. The forms wizard groups the selected fields so that the labels are permanantly tied to the text box. this behavior also applies to fields selected from the fields list window. Deleting the label on a grouped control deletes the whole control. 2. Making the grouped label invisible also hides the textbox portion. 3. All fields selected in the wizard are grouped, and thus are resized or positioned as a group. i.e. The size of the text box is shared among all the fields selected. 4. If you drop an unbound Textbox on the form, the label and textbox portions are independent, and you can delete the label without deleting the textbox. Then you can specify a field in the datasource property. 5. Access will flag an unbound label used for titles or other ornamentation with a warning, which you can ignore. I also used the workaround of shrinking the label and even overlapping it with another field using the bring to front action on the covering control.
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  • Bigbeartx
    You would think so based on previous versions of access. I, however, am experiencing the same problem when I try to edit a report that was generated in Access. I can select the label but it places a dashed box around the text box that is associated with that label. When I adjust the size, or move the location, the text box adjusts and moves with it. I am trying to resize and reposition the label without affecting the size and location of the text box.
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  • Jp2855
    I just came across this same issue (problem) myself. After much experimenting I finally figured out how to "detach" the label (in the Page Header section) from the textbox (in the Detail section). They are not associated to each other beacuse they are in different sections of the report. While in design view, click on the 'Arrange' tab at the top. There you will see a panel named 'Control Layout'. Select the label you want to detach and then click 'Remove' in the Control Layout panel.
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  • Person12
    Heymom I was having the same problems so I googled the solution, read everyone's inputs and then found answer. Its actually very simple. Select the label, right click and hit delete from the menu. I don't know why hitting delete on the keyboard also deletes the detail row, it must be a bug.
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  • Featured Member: Tlsanders1 - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] MS Access Report modifications [...]
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