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Hello, This is my first time using this board, so bear with me if I am not using it correctly. I am trying to create a report that will print out 3 payment coupons per page. I have created a basic query that gives me the borrowers payment info (The amount owed) The problem that I am having is the query only prints out one line of info. I have it setup to prompt for the borrowers client number and I have it setup to prompt for the number of months or coupon that the user wants to print out. I can use DateAdd but I need it to incriment the dates. So if the user askes for 3 coupons it would print out 3 coupons for 3 different months. i.e. 1/1/05, 2/1/05, 3/1/05 on three different lines in my query. I am not a programer, so please try not to send me any code, I would like to do it using an easy access query or report. Thanks Jeff Nay

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I would create a table where you enter the 3 dates as separate records. Say for example a table called PaymentDates with one column called PaymentDate as a type of date. Then put that table in your query with out any joins. This will automatically print as many of the same client records as there are date records. You can use the date in the PaymentDates table to print on the payment coupon. Good Luck.

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  • PscJohnD
    This is a little long, so bear with me: 1. Define a new table called something like Remit_Info with two columns: Month_Offset (Number) and Remit_Date (Date/Time). 2. Populate the new table with Month_Offset values from 0 to the maximum number of coupons that you expect to be requested. 3. Create a new query called something like Update_Remit_Info that uses DateAdd() to add Month_Offset to the starting date and update each row in Remit_Info with the result. 4. Add the Remit_Info table to you existing query, add Month_Offset and Remit_Date to the fields selected and set the criteria for Month_Offset to be less than the number of months required. 5. Run the Update_Remit_Info, then your existing query and you will get rows for the number of months requested.
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