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I was wondering is there a way to create a mass email from a query or table that would send out in MS Outlook? I know of a way of extracting a table and importing it into Outlook but my boss wants a more efficient way.

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First, make an email group in Outlook with all the addresses that you want the mass mailing to go to.

Then, in Access, use the Docmd.SendObject method and specify the query or table as the object to send, the format to send it in (Excel would probably be the best) and the email group that you set up in Outlook.

If there is any better way, then please come up with a solution.

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  • Itguy1509
    the method that my boss is looking for is a simple button that he clicks and everything is done for him all he has to do is press send /or write a message. The most important part is that the i get email addresses to auto fill from the database into the compose message. any help?
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  • Randym
    If you don't want to use the email group that I mentioned, you could have a field in a table with all the addresses separated by ; and place that into the [TO] parameter of the sendobject method. Or, if you have a table of addresses, you could load a string by looping through a recordset of the table and once you have the string built, place that into the [TO] parameter.
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  • Ggrant007
    Hi, I am having the exact same problem, I am loking for an easy way to use email address from a query to send out a mass email. Is there an easy way to do this, and if possible could you show an example.. Ideally it would be great is is it was possible to put something inot the TO field of the SendObject Macro. Any ideas??
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  • thecsmith

    do anyone have an answer to this? I'm looking for a similiar solution. I have a table with a email field. I want to send an email using SendObject in Macro but how to I import the email addresses from the table into the TO action argument?

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