Moving to a 270 running V5R1

I'm currently using a 170 running V4R4 and have aguired a 270 running V5R1. I need to move my applications (36, RPG II and RPG III) and files to the 270. Are there any publications dealing with this type of move or can someone lay out the steps for me. I was hoping to make the move and test the new system for a few weeks before going live. Thanks David

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If your 170 is already on V5R1 or V5R2 this is just a Save and Restore.

The questions are do you want to start with the OS already loaded and just move the data or or are you starting from scratch and loading.
If the OS is already loaded back on the 270 back it up first. This becomes your starting point to reload after your testing period. I would start with the OS loaded for two reasons. Can reload the OS during normal business hours, Saves time during the actual migration window.

On the 170 do a Full System save (GO SAVE opt 21)
On the 270
RST DEV(‘QSYS.LIB/tapename.DEVD’) OBJ((‘/*’) (‘/QSYS.LIB’ *OMIT)(‘/QDLS’ *OMIT)) OUTPUT(*print)

To do just the OS the changes are:
Boot system in manual mode Opt D You may want/need to use the I_BASE_01 CD for the initial boot.
Take option to load system.
If you have an external Tape you will need to define the Alternate IPL device
Mount the tape
Opt 1 Install the Operating System.
Opt 2 Install Licensed Internal Code and Initialize system, This will initialize the system. This will take a while.
Use Dedicated Service Tools (DST) and add the disk drives back to the system, Restart Mirroring if desired, Raid should survive the initialization.
Get back on the `IPL or Install Operating System? screen and select option 2. Install Operating System.
Choose Tape
On the `IPL Options? screens, there is an entry to `Set Major System Options?. Change it to `Y?. When the Set Major System Options screen comes up make sure the system is set to Auto-Configure devices.
If prompted to accept the Software Agreements use option 5 for each entry, Yo umust accept them to continue.
When done you should be on a command line
issue the commands

To do everything follwo the OS reload until you get to the command line
Then the commands are:

Hope that helps

Use Dedicated Service Tools (DST

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