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I am trying to move output queues from QUSRSYS, to Test and Production libraries, so that jobs that use these output queues can be separated. When there is a device description associated with the output queue, I am not able to move the object. The system says that I must delete the device description. However, wouldn't deleting the device description and then recreating it just generate the same output queue in QUSRSYS? How can I get around this?

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You haven’t said, but my assumption is the device is a printer and its associated output queue. You cannot delete one without the other.
But you can create an output queue in the Test and Production libraries that you can attach to that printer thru the strprtwtr command. That output queue can have the same name as the printer, if so desired.

Not sure if that helps,
Bill Poulin

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  • Mattheus
    Hi Bill, Yes, the device is a printer and I was trying to move its associated output queue. I created a duplicate object in the production library and had wanted to move the original output queue to the test library after moving all the spool files to the production library. If I create the output queues in the Test and Production libraries and attach these to the printer, can the queue in QUSRSYS be bypassed without changing the library list? QUSRSYS is always before any test or production library. I am trying to avoid an OVRPRTF solution, as we have an OVRPRTF program currently in place, which does not include the library of the output queue as a parameter. I would have to change a bunch of programs. Thank you for your input, Matthew
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  • Sofar
    You would have to qualify which output queue you want, the test or production one. Why not just rename the one in qusrsys?
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  • wpoulin
    Sofar, He cannot rename the output queue in Qusrsys as it is attached to the printer descrption. Mattheus, My assumption is the OVRPRTF defines the print device, correct ? I am stumped at the moment, but if I have some time I'll do some testing. Bill Poulin
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  • djac
    OVRPRTF does not allow the outq to be specified, it only allows the device. So having a test outq would not help. Why not just set up a test printer/outq possibly prefixed with TST or something like that? Otherwise I think you are just going to have to change those programs :^) - it would probably be quicker!
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  • Stargirl
    OVRPRTF will allow an override to a different outq. Also you can overide values with an additional OVRPRTF using the OVRSCOPE parameter.
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  • mcl
    I'm leaning towards a re-write of the override program.. As far as the OVRPRTF is concerned, I believe Matthew stated he as a override program in place that does not allow specifying the library. So while the OVRPRTF command does allow specifying the library the program Matthew is using does not and overrides should be based on the library list. That of course could be an issue with test and production scenarios - the default for creating a printer device and queue puts the device in QSYS and the out queue in QUSRSYS. Do a DSPLIBL and see where QUSRSYS is in relation to your test library. While Bill's suggestion of creating and out queue in "test" and then using the STRPRTWTR command to point that queue to the printer device would work, if the override program is involved your spooled files are going to go to QUSRSYS. Can't you just create new printers for "test" and specify those in your test environment? That way the overide program won't need any changes. Regards Mike
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  • Bigmac46
    How about putting copies of the printfiles being used in the test library(assuming they will be at the top of the library list) and do a chgprtf on these to direct the output to the outq needed. I do it on a regular basis and have hd no problems directing output to my outq. Might be an option, Johnie
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