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Thank you Sir its Working properly, But One more Question i want to ask u

Display File Contains field


Roll no=oooooo


When I will Enter Name Cursor Will Go to Marks Field But Only Mark is Updated Field So Once I entered Name Cursor will go to Marks And After That It will not  Move Anywhere T.i Position Of cursor Betn That Marks field Only .

Is this Possible ?


(Marks= *............*)  In betn * further it will not move ,Can we do that..

Plz Send If possible...



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Help me, I don’t understand
Your program is using DSPATR(PC)? on the marks field?
When screen is displayed, cursor is in the first position of the marks field. Is that OK?
What does the user do? Type one letter and press enter?
What should happen. Screen with typed letter is displayed but cursor is in the second position of the Marks fielld?


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  • NarasimhaReddy
    Hi, I guess your question is not clear. Currently your cursor going back to name after Marks field and you don't want it to go back to Name field and it should remain on marks field only ? If Yes, Keep Name in one display record and other two fields Roll number and marks in other display record. 2nd record should overlay on 1st record with PROTECT keyword. So your cursor won't go back to Name field again and it ramains on Marks field. I am sorry If I have understood your question incorrectly. Regards Reddy
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  • TomLiotta
    The initial display looks this way:
    Roll no=......
    User types Name and presses <enter>. The Roll no= value is filled in by the program, and the cursor goes to Marks= and waits for the user to type a value.
    Roll no=oooooo
    Now, the user can type into Marks=, but neither Name= nor Roll no= is open for typing. The cursor has no other field to go to, so it stays in the Marks= field. Does that sound close to what you're looking for? Tom
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