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Need to determine the best real-time monitoring software for hardware. Would like non-vendor specfic information on usage and suggestions for data placement in Raids and NAS type of storage,along with SOX. This request for help was originally submitted to the Research Assistant on

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Here are some resources that your Research Assistant, Margaret Rouse, found for you.

Hardware and performance monitoring news, help and research …Data center hardware performance monitoring tools, tutorials, and how to advice… lots of info here.

Blank-Edeleman warmed up the room of about 40 sysadmins with some critical bonus interface ideas, like how to get bird chirp sounds into server rooms. He directed attendees to the site Peep, which lets sysadmins monitor their networks with bird sounds instead of the traditional beeping.

“It is quite lovely, as long as there aren’t any issues, in which case the server rooms becomes a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds,’” he said.

Monitoring the physical host servers in a virtual infrastructure is extremely important. Because a single physical host server can host tens of VMs, it must remain healthy and without problems.

When it comes to monitoring a network, most of the emphasis traditionally seems to be placed on the servers. Although it is important to keep tabs on your servers’ performance, it is also important to monitor hardware devices such as switches and routers. After all, these devices make up the backbone of your network. You need to be able to tell not only that these types of devices are functional, but also that they are not being saturated by excessive traffic.

The primary purpose of any virtualization solution is to act as a referee between virtual machines (which are always asking for access to hardware resources) and the underlying hardware itself (which can only respond to a limited number of requests at a time). In this article, I’ll cover how you can monitor CPU and memory resources.

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  • Xjlittle
    I like Nagios. It is capable of monitoring hardware and services. -j
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I have several clients that use Nagios and love it for these types of needs.
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  • Brijesh
    May be have a try with HWinfo or MSI Afterburner which may help.
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