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hi guys, i would like to monitor my system, i need some software to send a mobile message when the system ASP is to high or when there's a disk damaged. Is there any native solution on iseries to do stuff like this, or anybody knows a cheap or free software to do it? Thanks a lot

Software/Hardware used:
iseries v5r4 and v6r1

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Hello !

GESEEPF a new product that monitor all qsysopr event.

The product Highlights :

send and email or sms.

Filter Msg from the iSeries

Auto Reply to cpf for *all jobs or job*.

Auto Action with user API.

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  • WM
    Good question. I haven't work on the AS400s in a couple of years but I believe you can monitor for specific system messages and have the system send you an email or something similar. I remember playing with this a while back on version 5 release 2. Help/Systems Robot might have something already in place to do this for you. I used a software at a company I used to work for that used to send this kind of messages to a pager, we all remember the pagers right? But unfortunately this company close its doors. Sad... I hope this helps some what.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...when the system ASP is to high or when there's a disk damaged. Those are two very specific conditions. There are many other conditions that might occur. The first thing to do is determine the complete list of conditions that you want to send an external message. The Messages sent to QSYSMSG message queue lists all message identifiers that will be sent to a message queue named QSYSMSG in library QSYS if your system has that message queue. (If it doesn't exist, you can create it.) If those message IDs cover the conditions that you need, then the QSYSMSG message queue can be monitored without interfering with QSYSOPR or other possible queues. A message monitor program could send any kind of external message that you wanted. If QSYSMSG isn't sufficient or if you don't see how a message monitoring program can help, you might choose to investigate the monitoring functions of Management Central. See the Working with Management Central monitors topic for background. Tom
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  • Aringarosa
    but HELP/SYSTEMS ROBOT is very expensive, isn't it?
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  • wpoulin
    Aringorosa, I have been using Management Central and a CL Program to send notification emails when certain CPF messages occur. Not terribly difficult to set up. Check out TomLiotta's suggested link. Hope that helps, Bill Poulin
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  • Teandy
    but HELP/SYSTEMS ROBOT is very expensive, isn’t it? The last time we looked at ROBOT, it was around $10K USD, which is why we went with MPLUS.
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  • jinteik
    for hardware that is not working / damage, if your as400 is hook up to a telephone line, the as400 can dial direct to IBM to send an error msg to them and then they will call u to check on the error. but some organization might not allow this service to be used. I forgot the name of the service, but it is found on v5r4
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  • DanD
    The best option I've found is IBM Electonic Customer Support (ECS) set up through your HMC. That way, even if the system is seriously impared of even down the ECS can send IBM a notification and they will email you and call if they don't get a responce. That is a free service if your OS license is legally yours. I think we see quite a bit of instances here where there are off shore iSeries that have bought a system with the OS license codes already in place so they machine keeps running, but aren't under IBM support contracts so ECS, calling IBM support, and downloading PTFs from IBm aren't an option. I'm pretty sure IBM offers extreme discounts on support options in less developed nations to anyone operating in that gray area should check into moving to getting lisenced. Administrating a fully supported iSeries can be a real pleasure.
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  • WoodEngineer
    Check out Joe Hervik's recent article, "Admin Alert: Protecting Your System from Critical Storage Errors". This tip uses tools included with the operating system - nothing to buy. Let's see if I can get the URL correct: SndTweet by Kisco may help. It is reasonably priced and includes a nice set of message monitors. It is designed specifically for the IBM i.

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