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Hi, I have a gateway PC with a buit on video card and it does not display anything. I attatched a VGA on a pci slot and that too dosen't work . I don't have an AGP slot. I changed the power supply too but does no good. Are there more solutions for this or shall I go on and just change the moher board.

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Would suggest you look at the BIOS/Setup configuration display and see whether you can disable the onboard video adapter. Do this with the PCI adapter installed.

(Oops! I guess that won’t work, since you can’t see anything.) If the system is rather old, try vacuuming the mother board and everything in the PC tower. Otherwise, new motherboard.


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  • Bobkberg
    Do you get ANY display whatsoever (BIOS, etc.) ? If not, dump the motherboard. If you do get BIOS POST, then go into setup and check the video config (if offered). There are some BIOSes that allow for the choice of display system. Bob Bob
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  • Jaysea
    When powering up do you receive any BIOs beep codes ?
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  • DrillO
    Just a thought here, I am not all that familiar with that vendour, but check the MB for jumpers to disable onboard video.....I have seen this on other types of boards before. Usually the cheaper types. I tend to agree though that a new Mother Board is likely in your near future. Best, Paul
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  • Woody2812
    Just another one, have you tested the monitor to make sure that is working. or attached a monitor that you know works fine and then booted up. regs darren
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  • Netguru
    you can try removing all cards except the video card--I've had a problem whereby the sound card went bad and pulled down the whole machine.
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  • Dwiebesick
    I would recommend that you do a dead computer check, which means that you disconnect the keyboard, mouse, printer, network connection and any other items that you have plugged into the system. Remove all cards, if you have any installed, disconnect all drive connections from the mother board and also remove all power connections to the drives, remove the MEMORY!, this should force the system to recognize many errors on BIOS check and give you audio beep warning codes If you get NO BEEP codes, then either the system board or processor has failed, it is a 50-50 chance to determine. Word of caution, if it is the system board that failded and you put in a known working processor, the bad system board MAY kill your good processor. If you have a POST card that would allow you to monitor the POST sequence, SOMETIMES you can figure out what the problem is, however, I would not spend the money to buy a Micro2000 or simular card if you are not in the repair business and can justify the expense. To make it simple, just strip the system expecpt for the processor and power supply connection to the SYSTEM BOARD, attempt a boot and listen for the beeps, NO BEEPs then pick either system board or processor and PROCEED with caution. Best of luck, been doing this since 79 and know of your pain. Darrell
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