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What is a good way to moniter when QINTER is inactive? So if QINTER isn't up I need to know, since no one can log in at that point.

I am using iSeries Navigator  VR5.4.0


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iSeries Navigator

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create a command that can run from another subsystem that tries to start the Qinter subsystem and monitor for the message when it errors out.

for example: (not real code, but you get the idea)

Alpha: Pgm

StrSbs Qinter
MonMsg MsgId(CPF1010) /* Error message if system is already active */

Omega: EndPgm

In this method, the Qinter subsystem is started if it is not already active, and if it is, it just “falls through”.

this can be put on your IBM job scheduler to run every 300 seconds, five minutes, or whatever time you want to wait for it.

this prevents you from having to have a third-part software solution to monitor the subsystem and saves you money in the long run.


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  • Schmidtw
    I'm not familiar with Nagios monitoring AS400, but you might want to look into it. If you can get Nagios to monitor the AS400, I'm sure that it could mnoitor the QINTER service. Hope this helps! -Schmidtw
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  • TomLiotta
    I'd suggest more concern over the reasons that QINTER isn't active when it should be. I've never run into a system that needed monitoring of QINTER for active status. If the QINTER subsystem isn't active, then any other subsystem can also be inactive. That means that any service running on your AS/400 that you want to act as a monitor has as good a chance as QINTER not to be active. What is happening to QINTER that it needs monitoring? Who keeps ending it inappropriately? Tom
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  • philpl1jb
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