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Has anyone out ther either been successful or unsuccessful with mixing FC3002 memory with supported memory in an iSeries model 270? FC3002 is not supposed to work in a 9406-270, but it does. We currently have a system running 3002 memory in one bank and 3022 memory in another. Does anyone have any experiences doing this that they can share. I am trying to determine if we need to remove the 3002 memory and replace it with 3022 memory which *is* supported in the 270. I have to make a case for shutting the system down to swap the memory if I decide to do that, so any help you can give would be helpful. Thanks, Jodi

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Probably a little late for a reply, but I have 2 thoughts.

1. Running unsupported hardware in your server I would think would be justification enough to shut it down to replace. Doesn’t matter if it works or not.

2. If not, then my other thought is this. If you have a hardware maintenance contract with IBM(or anyone else for that matter), and you have need for a service call, you can bet that if the technician sees you are using unsupported hardware he will point at that as the cause, and also bill you for the call.

If your server is so important that you need justification to shut it down to put the proper hardware into it, why would you run the unsupported hardware in the first place?

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  • Jrussell
    Unfortunately for me, powers above me have decided to run with this non-supported memory configuration. I am the tech support that tells them what to do, but they get to make the final decision. Since they are non-technical and their third party sales rep says it should be fine, they decided to continue running this way. We do all upgrades and repair in house. I have since found another of our 150 AS/400s that is a 270 with 3002 memory in it and it has been running with no issues for several months. It was installed before I got involved with the upgrades. The first thing to go will be this unsupported memory if there is an issue with these boxes, though, and they will not be installing any more like this in the future.
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  • TomLiotta
    It's not clear where the idea that the #3002 memory is "unsupported". From the AS/400e System Builder manual, in the Main Storage table:
    • The #3002 is a Customer Install Feature.
    Note that the Feature Code (FC) is #3022 if you include it as an ordered feature when ordering the box. But it's #3002 as a CIF. Different FCs can simply mean different actions even though it's exactly the same physical equipment. The FC often indicate who has touched it or who is responsible for what might go wrong. If you have spare #3002s and appropriate open slots, you might as well use them. If you have higher capacity DIMMs, those should be used instead. Tom
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