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After checking my inbox in Outlook 2007 and receiving my email today (6th June) I noticed that mail from the previous day was not there. In fact all mail from the 28th March until the 6th June had disappeared. This also was the case in regards to Sent items too. Can someone help in this matter. I have no idea where to look for the missing mail and would appreciate any assistance.

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It sounds like malicious behavior (Human or virus) or a rule. To rule out it being a rule do the following:

Select the Deleted Items folder, and then go to View->Arrange By in the menu bar. Look under Custom.

If you have no luck after investigating all those options, maybe you’ll need to restore Outlook’s default configuration:

To restore Outlook views, toolbars, menus or settings, you need to reset the content of the OUTCMD.DAT file.

1. Exit Outlook;
2. Locate the OUTCMD.DAT file.
If you are running Windows XP and you installed Outlook on its default path, you can find the file in “C:\Documents and Settings\-USER-\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook”, where “-USER-” if the name of your Windows login account. If not, search your local disk for the filename;
3. Rename the OUTCMD.DAT file to a different filename;
4. Restart Outlook.

Once restarted, Outlook should restore the default OUTCMD.DAT file from scratch and you should be able to use Outlook with its default view settings.

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  • Technochic
    You might have your view set to unread mail only. In that case everything you have opened will "disappear". Change the view to all messages and they will magically reappear.
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  • Francisca
    Funny enough changing the View to Messages helped me but the strange thing is that I had never changed it myself? I much prefer to use the Outlook Express, which I have used for years but because I write in several languages Outlook has better dictionary options so I started using it. Nothing but trouble..... My husband has the same problem at work, e-mails disappear on a regular basis. Too weird for words! This happened with read and unread e-mails!
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  • DeeKilkenny
    Yesterday (01/15/2013) I made some changes to my e-mail settings at comcast.net.  Today, when I logged onto Outlook 2007,  there were no new messages in my in box.  All @comcast messages are forwarded to mG-Mail account and vice versa.  There are lots and lots of new messages in my G-Mail account that are missing from my Outlook in box.  I reversed the change in Comcast.  And immediately started receiving messages, but not those that did not process earlier.  When I go to:

    Drive (C)/Users/Me/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook.  I find a listing as follows:

    Name: markertddc_comcast;     File Folder: Microsoft Office Outlook Offline Folders;     Size: 27,297 KB

    I presume it contains the missing e-mail messages; but it's a System Folder, so I cannot open it.  How can I check to see if those are the messages?  Thanks Dee

    P.S. I checked my Comcast E-Mail @ Comcast.net, there is nothing in my in box.


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  • ebird
    Possible corrupted OUTCMD.DAT  Windows will not allow me (administrator) to access Documents & Settings. Can check off ALLOW for all except cannot change "special permissions" to ALLOW under properties.
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