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Can you tell me if there is a minimum distance required between CAT5e terminations? I am told that the standards require at least 15m (50ft) between terminations, such as between a main cross-connect panel and a consolidation point patch block. Also, that if the actual distance is less, enough slack should be left in the cable run to make up 15m/50ft. Is this true?

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No I disagree, You can technically make it as short as needed, although if you are using them on a patch panel or switch you would like to leave all of them long enough to reach corner to corner diagonally in case of issues with other cables. There is not a length that is too short unless it wont reach what you need it to ; )

Here are some more details if you need more information.


I’m fairly certain that 18 inches is supposed to be the minimum and you should not have any cat5e in excess of 250-300 feet.

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There are certain instances where the 15m minimum is required. But if you are not using consolidation points that is not a requirement for CAT5e. If you are using consolidation points, you can leave a service loop (slack) in the cable.
— Carrie Higbie, infrastructure and project management expert

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  • Troy Tate
    The challenge is to make sure that there is not interference due to things like near end crosstalk (NEXT). So, it is important that the pair twists are maintained. A short cable run would not permit this. What is the shortest patch cable you can find on the market? I would go no shorter than that.
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  • Cable
    i Have a server in the main office and a desktop pc in an another location the location is about 400 to 450 meters in the desktop i want connect to the server is it neccesary to add a switch in between the cable as per the spectification cat5 is consider the distance should be only 160mtrs is it true pls help
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  • Dee101
    I've run them as short as 1', though I read from a lot of manufacturers that the minimum is 1 meter. The biggest potential issue in short ones is the bend ratio, A caution, I've done this with Cat5e, which has better crosstalk reduction than Cat5.
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  • JPAnglin

    It isn't the cabling lengths in the horizontal link that are the problem when  MUTAO's or Consolidation points are used. It is the physical device whether it is MUTOA or Consolidation point that is required to be at a minimum 15M (50 Ft) as gauge by the length of the cabling, from the HC.

    From the 12 Edition TDMM, chapter 5, Horizontal Distribution Systems:

    This requirement is "to minimize the effects of multiple connections in close proximity on near-end crosstalk loss and return loss."

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