Can anyone suggest whether any application running on Lotus Notes 5.0 can be migrated to a latest technology and what would be their advantages?

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Can anyone suggest me whether any application running on Lotus Notes 5.0 can be migrated to a latest technology and what would be their advantages?

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<b>Andre Guirard’s answer:</b>
All versions of Lotus Notes support applications developed in earlier versions. Upgrading your Domino server and Notes clients to a later version will not break your application, and you will get the benefits of improvements in performance, administration, reliability, and email user interface, as well as opportunities to extend your applications using new features, should you choose. This is the path of least resistance for doing an upgrade to a Notes application, and IBM is committed to continuing to support earlier versions of applications as we go forward, so you should always be able to upgrade without reworking your existing applications.

Not all applications are a good fit for Lotus Notes, but for applications of the type that made sense to do with Notes in 5.0, Notes is still the best choice I know of.

<b>Joelie’s answer:</b>
I’m not sure what do you you mean by “migrated to a latest technology”…
I’m assuming you’re looking for a different platform / development environment than Lotus Notes.

The answer depends on the type of application you want to develop (client / server – distributed – web…) as well as the number of customers accessing the application, your developers skill set, what the application is supposed to do (the solution for you might be to purchase a software too), …

In general, Microsoft Visual Studio is a pretty flexible solution (languages for development would be VB, C#, J# or C++) as well as Eclipse (language would be Java). For database, SQL server or mySQL are pretty popular.

Hope this helps,


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  • Gbollard
    Domino 8.0.1 is the latest. I've not discovered a Notes/Domino application which doesn't work properly under more recent releases (since version 4.5). I've been on Notes since R3. You'll find that there are a lot of advantages to sticking to the Domino platform. IBM have reaffirmed commitment to it in the last few years and IMHO it's now the best collaboration platform in today's market. If possible get to a LotusSphere comes to you session in your city. Or contact IBM for assistance.
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  • Joeydog
    Curious about your comment on: "I’ve not discovered a Notes/Domino application which doesn’t work properly under more recent releases" Our company has been trying to upgrade from V5 for a while, but find it hard to have time to test all our db apps. (approx.500) on the newer versions. We started testing on V6, then had to put it on hold, then V7 had to put it on hold again... we are hoping to start testing again in 2009. Do we need to test each db app? Some have suggested just upgrade and deal with any issues as they arrive. That seems pretty risque! There is no possiblity of getting to a LotusSphere.
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  • Brooklynegg
    JoeyDog: Andre is correct. However, there are some gotchas. I don't know what they are anymore since we got off R5 so long ago. TeamStudio has an analyzer tool that you can buy that will scan for known upgrade problems and report were problems need to be remediated. There may be other tools that can do this as wll Ytria has some great tools, I've heard, but have never used them. Jolie's anwere would require a full re-build of your applications. If you don't have time to test apps for an upgrade, you certainly don't have time to rebuild all your apps. If the idea is that going to Microsoft Visual Studio will be easier or have cleaner upgrade paths in the future, I would never believe it. Lotus is great at providing nearly flawless upgrades between versions. Some basic advice on what to do to upgrade. These are normal things that you need to do, so you should make sure you document your steps well. Then next time you upgrade and test you will have a good plan and good templates as well as more experience. Risk rank your applications. Risk rank their important functions. Test the most suspect things first with copies of the databases on a test server. When you know they will work at least well enough that a group of knowledgeable users could do User Acceptance Testing, give them access to the applications on the test server with a set of known tests to perform and ask them to do other things they normally would do as well. Fix anything that fails and retest. Decide how much testing needs to be done on less important applications. If you run into snags, don't bang your head on the wall. Open a PMR with IBM support. They have great experience and are almost ridiculously responsive in my experience on Lotus Notes/Domino issues. As always, it is your problem, so you need to manage the help and keep them from going off on an unrelated tangent at times, but that is normal for anyone brought in to help in an environment they are not familiar with. You can also create a Tech Note search on to show you known problems involving the version you are going to. This is a link I had saved for R6 problems when we upgraded from 5.x years ago. This is long and daunting now, but you should be able to find technotes specific to upgrade issues that would affect applications.
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  • Joeydog
    Thanks Brooklynegg, I hope I can put this to good use in 2009!
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