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How can I migrate my organization from Lotus Notes to the newest iteration of Exchange server? Are there any features that we will be losing or something specific I should be worried about? We have been on LN for almost 10 years now. Hopefully this will resolve our employee complaints.

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First, your employees will never be happy, ever. While some are currently complaining about something, when you change others will complain because its different.

You shouldn’t have to worry about loosing anything by moving from LM to Exchange. In fact you’ll pick up a lot of features out of the box such as great mobile support for just about any smart phone out there. The calendering is better in Exchange as well.

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  • Petetm
    I couldn't disagree more with MrDenny. It's impossible to go from Domino to Exchange and 'gain' features or functionality.... unless you're using Notes/Domino for just emal.
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  • SlikTool
    Gain features, your joking right? What kind of applications can you develop in Exchange - right, absolutely NONE. Calendar better, tell me, can Exchange make a repeating appointment that is on varied days? For example, a meeting on the 5th, 9th, 15th, 21st, and 24th day of a month? Nope, it can't. Admittedly that is a rare need, but Exchange can't do it. Notes/Domino can. Everything has its good and bad features - but lets tell the truth.
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  • TedNYC
    Your issues will not be around "features" of Lotus Notes and Exchange so much as responding to migrated emails. This will be especially important if there will be a period of coexistence while migrating departments or areas on various schedules. User are always frustrated when they cannot simply click Reply and have their email be delivered; an "Undeliverable" notice will cause unnecessary help desk calls. In addition to adding all users to Active Directory... you should investigate various migration tools for their features. One important feature will be the replacement of the Lotus Notes addresses with "new" Exchange or SMTP addresses. While companies think about email, they rarely think about doclinks to Lotus Notes databases which will still be used. How will users access database and will doclinks continue to work after migration?
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  • Petetm
    BTW - Is there a valid reason why you are migrating or is this just a (bad) political decision? .....And if you're the admin, I can promise you that the user complaints WILL NOT decrease but your headaches will increase dramatically. Good luck with that backend (Exchange)
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  • Deskyeti
    If you are serious about migrating data and providing a good coexistence experience then you should visit BinaryTree have a great range of tools to do just what you need. I work for a BinaryTree Premier partner in the UK and use their products almost every day.

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