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Hi, I have two question: 1-When I open a document in Word it says:"Insufficiant memory,there is not enought disk memory or disk space to update the display" and I should close the word!!!??? 2-Some times in word it wants to recover files how can I deactive this option? Could you please help me? Thank you. Regards Mahnaz

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You made a backup? If yes, then:
Start MSWord.
Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Open.
Locate the folder in which you last saved the missing file.
In the Files of type list, click All Files. The backup file usually has the name “Backup of” followed by the name of the missing file.
Click the backup file, and then click Open.

Otherwise it is necessary to try only this way:
DOC Repair Kit is a comprehensive Microsoft Word DOC repair tool with immense potential and an interface that makes the entire procedure a snap. Based on a lightning-fast proprietary core, the program knows how to repair Word DOC files in situations when other tools appear completely helpless.

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  • DaveInAZ
    Have you checked to see if you are actually out of disk space on the C: drive and/or the drive your documents are on? Do you do regular disk maintenance, such as emptying your recycle bin and deleting orphaned Word tmp files? Have you ever defragged your hard drive(s)? If the answer to any or all of those questions is no, start there. Beyond that, it sounds like someone may have "tuned up" your Windows installation so that it has insufficient Virtual Memory (which is really just disk space set aside for this purpose). Some people feel that Windows defaults to grabbing more than its fair share of a hard drive, so they adjust those parameters. Sometimes they don't leave enough Virtual Memory, and you get error messages like the one you're getting. It's easy enough to change, but exactly how you get to those settings varies, depending on which version of Windows you're running.
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  • JacobLnConsulting
    "Insufficiant memory,there is not enought disk memory or disk space to update the display" is issued by Windows, not Word. When virtual memory is full - the swap file (hence the "disk memory or disk space" text) has no more room to write data. This file is a limited sized, albeit large to accomodate running several apps simultaneously (each uses a portion of the swap file for it's virtual memory, what Windows (DOS) cannot allocate real memory for). Forget these details if you're just learning this now. The sensible, least risky way to correct the condition is to stop some of the apps: use the app "Exit", close the window, shutdown/restart, the three-finger-salute (ctrl-alt-del)) or any other way you know of (unplugging the PC works if desperate). Do one at a time and retry There are several free virtual memory managers available that you can run when the condition occurs to trim back the working sets (the amt of virtual mem (read: disk space) an app uses) without stopping an app or the CPU. Google for them. The long term solution is - as always - buy more memory. Or you can offload apps to another machine. About recovering Word files. The option to use is "Save AutoRecovery info every X mins" NOT "Save the file every X mins". Autorecovery info is maintained separate from the .doc for a very good reason. If you save the .doc file every X mins, You've lost the previous version (from the last Save or Save as ...) You may not be prepared to save your work at that time, preferring to back out of the changes and cancel out of Word. Had Word applied the changes, your previous working copy would have been overwritten unknown by you until you edit the .doc again. An Autorecover file saves DIRECTIONS/Keystrokes as they are applied. Hence, you can open a .doc using a recover file and have it apply the keystrokes and leave you where the last autorecover was performed. Saving every X mins means the worst case of lost work would be the last X mins. Look into versioning if you want more control over changes and retaining previous saved copies. There. Did that help?
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  • sampatrik
    Hi, Large word files get corrupt very easily, above written methods can be helpful to fix your problem but if these not able to resolve your problem then contact to Microsoft support or use word repair tool.
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  • MikkyMEGAMa
    Your Word document will become corrupted when your computer infects a virus, or your hard drive gets damaged, or Word program become insatiable. Whatever the reason is, if you have a corrupt Word file you need to restore it before you can access the content in the file. Microsoft Word features a built-in Auto Recover function to recover unsaved Word. Word program saves your document every 10 minutes by default. Therefore, you can recover the work you created 10 minutes ago. You are suggested to set the automatic save every minute or two, because you can type a lot of information within 10 minutes.

    Step 1: After interruption, launch Microsoft Word. A prompt may present you with any unsaved data. Open these documents, you should find the file on which you previously work on before the interruption. Save it into another document. If the prompt does not appear, go to step 2.

    Step 2: Go to "Tool"->"Options"->"File Location". Check if there is text next to "AutoRecover Files". This will be the location of any unsaved documents that were unexpected closed.

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