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The platform is Windows XP and the application is Word 2003. I have a user that when she opens a file it opens a window that says the file is in read only and would she like to continue in that format or have the ability to change the document. She clicks no and the document opens normally. When you go to the properties of the document, it does not list as being read only. This is limited to a group of files on her machine but not to all. I suspect it is related to the template use, but how would I find this out if it is a workgroup template and she is the only one experiencing the problem. Also, how do I turn this feature off? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The file might be open on another computer in the workgroup. Is it on a shared drive? Ask a couple of the people in her workgroup to see if they’re having the same problem.

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  • ITAudit
    When you reboot the computer, this problem continues? This normaly occurs when the word file or the template is not closed normaly, and stay im memory. PPG
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  • Jpagel
    Is she the only person to use the document, normally that error is caused if persay you and i were on a network and sharing a file, i had it open for editing and you wanted to open it to edit it you couldn't because i was all ready in it with full permissions...i would have to save and exit before you could have full privlages, the reason that is is because if i am working on a file making changes and then you open it and start working on different changes whoever saves it last gets the changes made, and the other doesn't
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  • Bridgeman
    There is an option in all of the office programs to prompt a user to ask if they would like to open a file in read only mode. This can be checked by opening up the file and in word going to Tools / Options / Security and checking if the read only recommended check box is ticked. You can deselect this option and then save it if you want to . Hope this helps
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  • Samachar
    You might have opened another file in the Microsoft Word with the "Open With" option in the right click on the file. Then the word may have asked you to open the file in read only mode or not and you might have clicked yes. Dillip.
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