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My questions are stated thus:
  1. I want to know if it is possible to have a Windows 2000 server based network comprising of more than one master domain controller co-existing in the same network. If yes, how? And if yes,will a malfunction of any of the servers affect other servers?
  2. A network comprises of one main server using Windows 2000 and 3 member servers running same operating system. If the main server is down, can users in the network still be authenticated?
  3. What is the the most appropriate way to implement security in a server based network running Windows 2000
  4. Is Linux operating system more secure than Windows operating system. If yes, how?

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I’ll try my best to answer these for you.

1. Yes, you would need two domains though. A lot of management would be involved though.
2. No, because you do not have a Domain controller to cover the Primary Domain Controller when it is down. I would set up another box, run DCPROMO on it and make it a DC, then setup the DC as a secondary DNS server so when the master goes down users can still authenticate. If you are on the same subnet, you may not need DNS but I would set it up anyway. You could also make one of the member servers a DC also.
3/4. Here is a good website on security: SearchSecurity

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  • Snowin
    Question 1 and 2 has been answered quite well, so i'm not going to touch on those. As far as question 3 goes, what kind of security are you talking about? Firewalling connections from the internet, internal file security? If you could elaborate a little more here I feel that I could offer some succinct advice. Question 4 is something that will have a lot of people arguing. It really all comes down to how each operating system is deployed. A windows box can be made secure(ish), where as linux can be made insecure very easily. One nice thing about the Linux distributions (Linux is just the kernel, not an O/S in it's own right) is that you generally have access to the source code and can communicate with the developers directly. This, combined with peer review of code means that patches take less time to come about. Don't kid yourself that security won't be an issue with a linux distro, you just have to know what you are doing.
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