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I have users that VPN to the corporate network to check their email through Outlook 2003. If they are using the Microsoft VPN client they can get their email. If they use the Cisco VPN client they get error messages in Outlook. Is there something that I need to configure on the Cisco client? Users use WinXP laptops with Sprint broadband cardss.

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Firstly, I presume they can access other hosts on the Corporate network using the Cisco client ?

There is no configuration of the Cisco client by the user, other than the address and password (pre-shared-key) to connect to the VPN device, which can be a router, firewall or concentrator. It is on the VPN device that you need to look, and make sure that the subnet of the mailserver is included in the access-list that is used to define the traffic allowed over the VPN connection. You also need to check that the subnet that is used to allocate addresses to the VPN clients, has a route to and from the subnet of the mailserver.

I do not know what the Sprint broadband cards are, is this a GPRS card, to access via the cell phone network ? If it is, and the answer to my first question was ‘NO’, then make sure that NAT-Traversal is configured if you are using a firewall/ASA or concentrator. On the firewall/ASA just add the command ‘isakmp nat-traversal 20’ which may fix the problem. On the concentrator I think it is in the group config, and is a check box.

Try these things, and if it is still not working, give some meore information about the VPN device you are using, the configuration, and the IP addreses used, then we can probably help with a more specific answer.

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  • Jdleon
    They are able to access the mail server with no problems when using the Microsoft VPN client. When using the Cisco client, Outlook gives a message that it is unable to reach the mail server.
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  • Jdleon
    I now have a user who is using the Cisco VPN client, but uses a AT&T broadband card and is able to get email thru Outlook with no problems. So is it still the the concentrator (users vpn to a cisco 3015 vpn concentrator), or is it the broadband cards?
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  • Denny Cherry
    If the cisco clients are working fine on the AT&T network then it's got to be some sort of interaction between the Sprint cards, Sprint dialing software, and the Cisco software. I know that I use the Cisco software dialed into the Verizon cell network with my phone all the time without issue.
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  • BlankReg
    Have you checked the concentrator config, and made sure that the NAT-Traversal is enabled ? I have had the same issue here in the UK, with different network providers, one worked, the other did not. NAT-Traversal was the answer. Also, have a look at the real-time logging on the concentrator, when someone tries to connect. It very often gives a good clue as to the problem. You can also record the progress on the VPN client if you set up the looging on there as well.
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