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One of my helpdesk people came to me with an interesting question for a problem I have never seen before. We have multiple users using both Powerpoint 2000 and 2003. We have a ppt slide that is sometimes accessed and changed by 15 to 20 different people at different times. The problem is this. When printing out a hard copy of the presentation with notes included it seems as though any updated slides do not print out correctly. The notes are updated and fine, but ppt returns back to the original slide. On the screen the new slide is there but it does not match up with the hard copy. Printing just the presentation without the notes shows the updated version, and sometimes the slide is updated and the notes show the old version. In each of these instances changes have been made and shown to be updated but are not. I tried to search on the internet to see if there was anything out there about this and found nothing. I realize that with too many cooks in the pot that could be the problem, but before we started upgrading people from 2000 to 2003 this problem did not exist. Anyone seen this problem before? Thanks for all your help. Regards, Ross McKenna

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just a few questions … you may have already explored these, but thought I’d ask:

a) with many editors, you are certain that one is not clobbering the edits of another? i.e. – the slide and note edits have been made and saved “cleanly”, but do not print or display properly

b) if you have a suspect file, and the edits to slides involve text changes, have you dumped the PPT to RTF and had a look? this once helped me collect important text from a fouled-up PPT and start over.

c) what does Adobe PDF think the file contains? render the PPT as a PDF and have a look.

d) the biggest problem I ever had was pushing MS limits with PPT graphics and their autosave and compression features. strange behaviors all round in PPT 2000, and I couldn’t say whether 2003 is still funky in this regard.

I’ll stay tuned to see if you catch that goblin!

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  • Howard2nd
    You did not specify your network, or clients, just 'Office' suite 2000/2003. I have seen this before. It is the difference in the way 2003 saves changes and metadata. Metadata is the tracking information for what changed and who changed it and when. Download the metadata removal tool from Microsoft and run it against the presentation to get a stable master copy then fork the presentation to one for 2000 and one for 2003 (or make all the 2003 users remember to 'save as'). Better yet is to get everybody on the same version.
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  • Krisztina
    I do not work in a mixed environment of Office 2000 and 2003. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft somehow is using the OneNote technology for the comments within 2003. The architecture behind the comments probably changed, so seeing the notes in the old vs new version would cause confusion.... just a thought.
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  • BlueKnight
    It sounds like a configuration problem due to running dual versions of Office in a networked environment. We experienced the same sort of gremlins only with Access. Our solution was to locally install Office on each machine to prevent multiple users from causing problems for each other when the application writes to shared system files.
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