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I want to give my laptop to my goddaughter who is a college student. It has Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000. When a new Word document is created, the Properties has my name and my company name. I have uninstalled Office and reinstalled. On reinstallation, I provide my goddaughter's name and type 'self' in the Company text box. But my name and company still appear in Properties. I don't want my company name on this machine, in case it is stolen. And, of course, my goddaughter does not want to have my name and company show up on work she turns in after forgetting to change the Properties fields. Does anyone know how to fix this? Cordially, Joaquin

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I believe this is what you want.

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the
User info tab.
Change the information.
Then click the
Security tab.
Select the Remove personal information from file properties on save check box.
Save the document.

That should fix it.

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  • Joco1141
    download tune up utilities 2006 from the internet and it gives you the option to change the registered owne r and information under the system control tab and then left click on the system tab in the left. After correcting any problems you might have you can uninstall the software and the changes will remain intact.
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  • Spadasoe
    You have another issue to deal with to remove company information/identification. When you right click my computer you, if you have a registered user and registered company displayed, you will want to remove this as well. This can be done in regedit. browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrent version, edit the keys RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization.
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  • RMxODP
    Thanks, everyone, for the quick and helpful responses. I stumbled on the answer as described below. There is something going on here, specific to Big Bill Office. There is a spelling error in the comany name that keeps showing up in Word documents. The word, Computing, in the company name is mispelled Cumputing. (You see another reason why I don't want this on a machine for a young lady at college.) The three suggestions: 1. Remove personal information from file properties on save: (This requires the tool from Microsoft to be added.) The personal information is removed from the saved file, but every new document has the misspelled company name again. 2. Use Tune Up Utilities 2006: This is a very nice tool. One thing it confirms is what my search of the Registry using the Big Bill provided regedit showed. The text, 'Cumputing', does not appear in the Registry. (Perhaps it is there with some encryption or masking, but not as plain text.) 3. My Computer registered user and registered company: The company name is spelled correctly here. I changed that to the young lady's name. But there is no change with Word: It still shows 'Cumputing.' I have searched for 'Cumputing'. I have searched the Registry using both regedit and Tune Up Utilities 2006. I have also searched the entire disk using Windows Explorer Search. No 'Cumputing.' But, and it is a big but: When using the Tune Up Utilities registry editor, I decided to also search for my name, as a separate thing to remove. Noticing the invitation below the text box, to use wild cards, I decided to search for '*Name'. Doing that, it finally soaked in through my thick skull that I ought to try searching for '*Cumputing' Bingo! Of course, Big Bill does not have a message offering the use of wild cards on the Find box in regedit. Naturally, of course, since the Search in Windows Explorer finds strings anywhere in folder and file names, even without the leading asterisk, it makse sense that Big Bill would want the search in regedit to work differently. So thanks all. Problem solved. Remember to use the leading asterisk when searching the registry. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year (Gregorian Calendar)
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