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I have been given an Excel spreedsheet with 30 sheets and special formatting on each sheet which at least 4 people need to add data to. I have tried using the tools-> share workbook -> allow multiple users... but i still get a read only problem when the second person opens the workbook. The file is in a shared folder on the file server, each person has read/change permissions to the folder. I realize that this is not the best way to collect data, but we are in a time crunch, the spreadsheet has been developed without IT involvement, etc. Here is the process, we compiling data from 400 surveys taken into the 30 sheets, each sheet will contain the data from one question for the 400 surveys collected. There are 4 people that will be putting the data into this spreadsheet, we can assign them different rows, so that is not a big concern, just allowing them all to input data is the need. BTW.. I tried the merge option, but due to the formatting and complexity of the spreedsheet, that is not working either.

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Why are you wasting your time trying to merge the data?When you can easily migrate it to the parties concerned. Your server is not responding because, of one or two reasons, one it could be down for sevicing two it does not have the storage capacity to handle the work load. Why don’t you just video conference the information, to one another then print it out, cut, copy ,and paste it in a video file, ot pdf, gif,bit map, or some other file preference then use your adobe to view and print the sheets out? This is the problem with those who have not advanced with the technology in this age it is cheaper and better, and faster, to Hob Nob with your fellow wizards by video than the old fashion standards of communication. I can skype large files to anywhere in the world to a computer loaded with skype for free, no matter what the file format, Excell is no exception in real time, remotely. I can send you a whole book this way and not lose any clarity.

<mryanaz> I am not sure who wrote the first part but let me see if I can help you here. Take a look at Distributed Spreadsheet and see if this 3rd party add-in doesn’t do the trick. It can merge hundreds of worksheets with versioning, tracking and without on-line access required.

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  • Gforsythe
    I would merge the data as the 30 sheets are formated for data entry and I will have 4 people entering data. When they are done, all the data needs to be on one spreadsheet. My server is responding, otherwise this would be of little concern to me. I manage the server and it has plenty of capacity, unless my little spreadsheet it going to fill up 4G of RAM and 120G of HD space when it opens. I am try to open the document for editing by more than 1 person at a time. Video conferencing the information does not allow everyone to edit the information here and there as they get the chance to, throughout the day. If I am not advancing with the technology then I would like to see who is as I have deployed Electronic Medical Records, Electronic practice management, Digital Xray, VoIP, Web based PDR, PDA based epocrates, wireless tablet pc's to practicioner to take into the patient rooms, and I am engineering my own microwave network to shed the monthly costs of leased T1's, and I'm going to incorprate WISP into it. I and my providers can remotely access patient records and return calls to patients locally from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection, and the patient would think we are sitting at our desks. :end rant response PS next time read the entire question
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  • Darryn
    Hi, I tried to post this response on the day you submitted your request, but the server wasn't responding. Hi, Sharing the workbooks is not really effective for this type of data entry. However, there are some really easy options that you can use to overcome this. The easiest option is to create 4 identical workbooks with 30 sheets in each, so that the individual users can enter the data in their own version. 1) Once they have finished entering the data, simply use 1 as the master version, 2) Then go into each of the other workbooks individually, select all the sheets in the workbook (click on first sheet, press SHIFT, and click on the last sheet), then select all the rows that have been entered by the user (click on the first row entered, press shift, scroll down to the last row and click on it -> that should highlight all the rows selected). 2) Press Copy (ctrl+c), then go to the master version, find the next available row (should be 101) in the first worksheet (important that the first worksheet is selected), and paste (ctrl+v) the data. This should paste all the rows, including data and formatting, from all the worksheets into the master workbook) Repeat for each of the other workbooks. If you need to actually see what is being entered during the data entry process, you can use another option: 1) Create 1 Master workbook and 4 Data Entry workbooks, each with the 30 spreadsheets. 2) The 4 Data Entry spreadsheets will be used individually by each person entering data. They should use rows 1-100 for each survey entered. 3)Link the Master workbook to each of the 4 workbooks, such that each of the users 1st row of data links to a new 100 row on each worksheet in the master workbook (i.e. if headings in row 1 of each workbook, master wb row 2 = wb1 row 2; master wb row 102 = wb2 row 2; master wb row 202 = wb3 row 2; master wb row 302 = wb4 row 2) 3) If the users save often enough, you can just update the links to get the updated data. These are not ideal data entry processes, but they are "quick and dirty", and should meet your needs. Let me know if you need further suggestions, help with these suggestions, or a better method for collating the data. Cheers, Darryn
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  • Chet
    Hi, I am facing a problem with Linked Excel workbooks, I have one master workbook named " Sales Productivity" which have sheets named "Agent1 to 30" and then i have 30 diff workbooks Agent 1 to 30, linked to their respective sheets in the Master workbook, The links were made while logging on to the Server, and when the workbooks were mapped to their respective Logins, the problem came: The links are disrupted automatically somehow when any Agent enters Data!! I dont know how..I'll post and example of what links are and what the should be: ='[Sales Productivity.xls]Agent2'!O11 // shows that values are picked from Sales Productivity workbook, sheet.."Agent2". and next link is what comes when u open the sheet on server: ='C:\Incentive\agent2\Incentive\Accounts\[Sales Productivity.xls]Agent2'!O11 which is wrong and i cant figure out why it is coming this way?? Also the values are not reflected in the workbooks straight away. The sheets are however mapped on network drives like Z and Y....i dont knw from where the problem comes from!
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