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For DNS, we're a BIND shop with BIND running on Solaris (we're 'bigcompany'). We recently acquired a company (smallcompany) that uses Microsoft's DNS in a Windows 2000 Active Directory (yes, it's AD-integrated). We've recently severed smallcompany's ties to its former ISP and they access the Internet through bigcompany over the WAN. We've set up our BIND servers as forwarders on smallcompany's AD DNS servers, and Internet access works OK. The problem I have is that I would like smallcompany to be able to reference the simple names of bigcompany's servers rather than having to use the FQDN of the server. To be more specific, when they try to access server1, their DNS says there is no such server, but when they access, it works. Is there a place in Win2K's DNS that will append domain names in order--similar to the workstation DNS configuration that says to "Append these DNS suffixes (in order)"? I think I've provided enough info, but please let me know if more clarification is needed. Thank you.

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The setting to append a particular suffix to the DNS string is on a client by client basis. However, if smallcompany is using DHCP you can adjust the setting on the DHCP server for the DHCP Scope (subnet). You can have the DNS suffix for added to the list of applied DNS suffixes for each client.

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  • Aftabn
    In small company create a forward lookup zone which reflects the structure of the bigcompany. in this zone add hosts with the simple names of the servers in bigcompany with their IPs. Another way of accomplishing the task would be to add simple names for the bigcompany servers in the BIND server and the smallcompany DNS will be able to provide the information to the clients requesting name resolution to the requesting clients as the BIND server is a forwarder for the windows DNS.
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  • Astronomer
    I realize you said the domain is 2000 but if you go to 2003 you can change the clients search order with group policy. See They talk about the new features of 2003. # Administrative TemplatesNetworkDNS Client - expanded well beyond what was available in Windows 2000 (in Administrative TemplatesSystemDNS Client folder which allowed only mandating the suffix used to identify the computer in DNS). With these settings you can control practically all DNS related features, such as client's DNS suffix search order, registration of PTR records, connection-specific DNS suffix, etc. If you stay with 2000 I believe you can still change the clients. We ran into the question of how to change over 1000 workstations from static IPs to DHCP clients. Our windows instructor came up with a script to change the client as part of login.
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